Chuck Rock is a caveman with all the social graces of a dung beetle. However, there’s someone who can came the heart of this savage beast the beautiful, busty Ophelia. So when his rival. Gary Gritter, drags her off into the jungle, Chuck goes in pursuit.

Five levels packed with more dinosaurs than a Spielberg movie stand between Chuck and his beloved. Luckily, the Neanderthal slob has a sizeable beer belly (not sure what he drinks — Hasslemaim XXXX?). Taking a breath, he releases a mighty belly-butt to knock out dinos (not a pretty sight!).

Chuck Rock can also, er... chuck, ah, rocks. These not only mash monsters’ brains but also act as stepping stones, so Chuck can reach high platforms and cross wide pools.

The dinosaurs aren't all bad, either. A pterodactyl carries you to safety, for example and dropping a rock on a crocodile catapults Chuck into the air.

It's not much to look at mainly because backgrounds are plain black. However, foreground graphics use a handful of colours to great effect and Chuck's a super sprite. The theme music's good but there are only a few in-game effects.

The controls are trick) at first but give Chuck Rock a chance and the gameplay shines through. It's not as fast as Sonic but the need for thoughtful positioning of rocks make it adequately intriguing.

Chuck Rock's pleasant rather than great to look at and sounds are scant but the combination of platform-hopping, baddie-butting and rock placement is brilliant

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 2

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