Everyone knows how popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse are, don't they? Well they've been knocking around for around 50 years now and everyone loves them - apart from one person. The evil witch, Mizrabel, despises these friendly rodents more than her own warped and grotesque features. She especially hates poor old Minnie, so in a fit of maniacal ruthlessness the cunning witch decides to kidnap her! To add insult to injury, Mizrabel locks her away in the Castle of Illusion - the most dangerous castle in the known universe!

Obviously, Mickey Mouse isn't too enthralled by Mizrabel's antics and sets out on the inevitable rescue mission. This is where the player comes in. You must use your joypad skills to guide our hero through six multi-directional scrolling platform levels, dealing with diabolical end-of-level bosses on the way. Each boss holds a rainbow jewel and these are used to transport Mickey to the final confrontation with the twisted Mizrabel herself!

Mickey has only two weapons in his attack repertoire. First off, he can pick up boulders or blocks littered around the city and these can be thrown at enemy sprites in order to effectively despatch them into oblivion! Mickey's bottom is other more immediate weapon (and he hasn't touched any kind of curry either). Whilst jumping he can produce a mega-destructive bottom bounce which crushes anything unlucky enough to be underneath (thank God cartoon characters don't suffer from flatulence, eh?).


Every single aspect of Mickey Mouse is almost perfect. The graphics are superb, with a brilliant range of enemy sprites, end-of-level guardians and backdrops. The Mickey sprite himself is a graphical feast with real character and loads of animation. The sound too, isn't bad either with some nice tunes that are annoyingly hummable! But it's gameplay that counts and Mickey Mouse has it in abundance! The six levels are all extremely challenging in their own ways, with plenty of platform strategies to be learnt before you can progress! There's also more than one way to complete each level, which means there's plenty of scope for lastability and plenty of secret rooms to discover and treasure chambers to loot! If you're going to buy one Sega platform game, then look no further - this cart fits every requirement!

With its great graphics, sound and playabitity, this is easily one of the finest Sega games money can buy.

CVG magazine "Complete Guide to Sega"

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