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Loading Instruction: Starting Up:

  1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the game cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) as described in your SEGA SYSTEM manual.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartridge, and try again.
  4. At the title screen, press Button 1 to start the game.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Sega Cartridge.

Once upon a time there was an island Kingdom known as Esteria. In millennia past, it had been called the prosperous Kingdom of Y's. Esteria was known far and wide for the quality and purity of the silver which came from her mines. But when the silver mines began to run dry and foreign ships failed to return to their home ports, Esteria became a forgotten place.

It was to this land that Aron Christian came, a swordsman washed ashore by the might and fury of a hurricane. He was found half-dead by a kind and humble fisherman who restored him to health, gave him clothing and a small bag of gold. Aron was impressed with the generosity of these people. But he quickly grew restless for adventure because that was his nature. The fishing village sat at the edge of a great plain. Rising in the distance was a small mountain range with an ominous tower at its peak. "That is the Tower of The Doomed," they told Aron as they made the sign of the evil eye. "It is the place where the troubles of our land began." As Aron watched the tower, he knew that his destiny awaited there.

The fishermen told him that he would find adventure in the town of Minea. As he left they said "Walk bravely; and may the Goddesses protect you!" Aron arrived at Minea after many close calls with the ferocious creatures that walked the land. In Minea he heard the legend of the Goddesses of Y's. In times past they had saved the Kingdom from great evil. Their feats had been written down in six magical books and then hidden from the greed of mortal man. If someone were to find all six books, they would have the power to do immense good ... or incredible evil!

Now, an evil sorcerer in a black cloak was trying to find the books. His plans would plunge Esteria into darkness forever! But nobody in the Kingdom was brave enough to fight him. The wise Seer Sara was desperately looking for a swordsman with the courage to save the Kingdom.

So Aron found himself with a thousand gold pieces in his pocket and the biggest quest of his life in front of him. He went to have a chat with Seer Sara. The rest is history ...

The Object of Y’s

In order to return peace and prosperity to Esteria, you must find and unite the six magical books of Y's. But the evil sorcerer Dark Dekt also wants the books. He has the sixth book of Y's in his possession and will use all of his evil powers to keep you from finding the other five!

The creatures of Esteria have been turned against you. Above and below ground you will find enemies ... with the exception of a few people who have suffered at the hands of Dark Dekt. The people of the villages and towns are your only allies.

Your quest is divided into two parts. The first takes place in the villages, countryside, the temple and underground mine. Here you must obtain the required weapons, treasures, equipment and the first three books of Y's. Only after certain conditions have been met will the entrance to the Tower of the Doomed open for you.

The second half of your quest takes place in the Tower of the Doomed. There you will have to find the other three books. But untold surprises and perils await you! If the Goddesses favor you, maybe you will even find and defeat Dark Dekt.

Taking Control

Directional Button (D-Button):

  1. Moves player in four directions: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.
  2. When in the command screen, move the selection cursor UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGPIT to make selections.
  3. When at a stairway, moves player UP or DOWN the staircase.

Button 1:

Allows you to negate a command and back up to the previous command window.

Button 2:

  1. Opens the command window.
  2. Confirms the selected command.

Starting a Game

Insert the Y's cartridge in your Power Base and press the Power Button. When the title screen appears, press either Button 1 or 2 to start a game.

If you are starting a new game you may begin to play immediately.

If you have played before and saved a game you can return to it by:

  1. Pressing Button 2 to open the command window.
  2. Move the cursor to "LOAD GAME" and press Button 2.
  3. Use the cursor to select the game you saved. Press Button 2 and the game will resume where you left off.

Playing Y’s

You begin Y's in the town of Minea. Use the D-Button to move around. You will see people going about their business. To talk with them, just walk up to the person you wish to speak with. If they have something to tell you, a message window will appear on the screen.

Some of the buildings you see will have open doorways.

You may enter these buildings by moving Aron into them with the D-Button. Inside you may find shops, hospitals and people with information to give you.

When you have finished your business in town, you will be ready to venture into the open country. But before you go, you will have to use the command window to ready your weapons, armor, etc.

Command Windows

You call up the command window by pressing Button 2. When it appears on the screen, you may select a function with the D-Button and use it by pressing Button 2 again.

Returns you to the game.
Shows Aron's level, experience, hit points and weapons being used.
Graphically shows each item in Aron's pos session. Certain items can be selected for use in this screen.
Allows Aron to read the Y's books in his possession; when certain conditions have been met.
Allows you to restart a game that has been previously saved.
Allows you to save the game you are playing.

Status Screen

You will see this screen if you select STATUS from the command window.

Is an average of Aron's overall status. Ranges from 1—MAX.
Your strength increases as you gain levels. You also increase strength by getting and using more powerful weapons.
Defense strength increases with levels and by getting and using more powerful armor and shields.
Increase with levels. After combat, you can see how much damage you sustained compared to your MAXimum hit points.
You gain experience points for defeating enemies and accomplishing certain goals. You can see how many experience points you have compared to how many you need to gain the next level.
Shows the amount of money you have.
Shows which sword you are using.
Shows which shield you are using.
Shows which armor you are wearing.
Shows the item you have ready to use.
Shows the ring you are wearing.

Equipment Screen

Selecting the EQUIPMENT option from the command window allows you to see and select the equipment you have. Equipment is divided into five categories:

To select equipment for use, use the D-Button to highlight the category you wish to select from. Then press the D-Button right to place a box around the item to be used. Pressing Button 2 will place the equipment you have selected into use. Use the EQUIPMENT screen every time you wish to use a new piece of equipment.

After you press Button 2, you will see the items you have obtained that cannot be selected from. This is your inventory. These items will be used automatically when you reach the appropriate time or place.

NOTE: Be sure to use this screen before you leave Minea. If you don't, you will fight your battles empty-handed!

Read Book Screen

Selecting this option will allow you to read one of the Books of Y's ... if you have a certain object!

Save Data

Use this option when you wish to save the game you are playing. Press Button 2 and you will see a screen with five available spots open to save in. Select a space and press Button 2 again. Your game will be saved.

Load Data

When you wish to restart a game you've been playing, or have been defeated and wish to begin where you last saved, select this option. Use the cursor to select the game you wish to play and press Button 2 again. The game will be restored at the last place you saved it.


As soon as you leave Minea you will be set upon by all manners of nasty creatures. Combating and defeating them are how you get gold and increase in experience. To fight, simply touch the enemy with Aron. You will see the amount of life strength the enemy has in the Enemy Strength Meter.

Winning at combat is a matter of skill and technique. Simply running into an enemy will often cause your defeat, especially if the enemy is stronger than you! Try touching them with just your sword. You can often defeat stronger enemies this way ... if your touch is just right!

When you attack enemies too strong for you to defeat, you will hear a metallic "CLINK" of your sword against their armor. It is best to leave these creatures alone until you are stronger.

Know Thy Friends

The good folk of Esteria are on your side! Most of them you will meet in towns and villages. Some you will find in unusual places. Here are some places where a visit will benefit you:

Town Merchant

He is a weaseling character who can sell you much needed items, or buy items for much needed gold. He once lost a golden pedestal near a spring ... and would pay well for its return.


Do someone a favor here and they will be extremely grateful.

Weapon Shop

Rosetti carries the finest steel in the land. It is expensive, but will see you through many a battle!

Armor Shop

Good armor is expensive but will save your skin. And a sturdy shield can stop many an enemy's blow.


Seer Sara knows just how evil the future could be. She is looking for a swordsman. Visit her to see if you fit the bill!


Doctor Craze may be running loose, but his nurse can provide you with much needed medicine and other services.

Village Mayor

The Mayor has a problem. Can you keep a secret?

JEBA's House

Jeba is a cranky woman with a heart of gold. Show her a special item and she will do much to help you.

Special Items

Items that are useful in your battles are scattered across the Kingdom. Some you may purchase. Others you will have to find. Use your special items by selecting the EQUIPMENT screen and highlighting the item you wish to use. When in the game, press Button 2 to use the item.


Wings will return you to Minea in the blink of an eye.

Healing Potion

Potions will restore your hit points in locations where standing around won't do any good.


Mirrors will stop the enemy in their tracks for a short period of time. But use it too often and the mirror will shatter. Bad Luck!


Finding and wearing the mask will reveal secrets you otherwise would not see.


You will find rings at various points in the game. Wearing them by using the EQUIPMENT screen will give you special abilities.

Power Ring

With this ring on you will inflict twice the damage on enemies.

Healing Ring

Put this ring on and stand in one place. Your hit points will replenish even in places where normal healing is impossible.

Ring Mail

This ring reduces the amount of damage done to you by half.

Timer Ring

Wear this and the enemy will move at half the speed.

Sapphire Ring

Return this to its owner for a handsome reward!

Evil Ring

Use this ring alone at your peril! Finding a blue necklace could be the key ...

Other Items

You will find many items in treasure chests. To open a chest, simply touch it with Aron. Some will open. Others are locked and will require the use of a key.

There are other items you will need to complete the game. Some you will have to give to others. Some you will keep until needed. Remember this: There are six keys needed to finish the game. You must find them all.

Know Thy Enemies

There are many beasts and monsters to battle in Esteria. Some of the worst include:

Rhe Bull


Karnon Devil


Bolo Spider




Big Futt










Palaces, Mines and Towers

Much of your quest will take place in dark hallways and underground passageways. There will not be able to heal yourself unless you have potions or the Healing Ring. It is in these places that you will face the meanest and strongest creatures. Make a map of each as you play. The passages are often filled with twists and dead ends. Making a map will help you find your way out.

The Palace

Here are maps for the first two levels of the Palace to give you a head start!

The Old Mine

The Old Mine is dark and filled with danger!

The Tower of The Doomed

The entrance to the Tower of The Doomed has been carefully hidden. Once you enter it, you may never be able to leave. And it is big ... 21 danger filled levels!

Helpful Hints


Handling The Mega Cartridge™

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90-Day Limited Warranty

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This warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship.

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