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The Challenge

Three fragile Penguin Eggs are lost on a distant planet. You've got to help Penguin Mission Commander Overbite rescue them and carry them back to safety.

You'll face a treacherous journey across ice-bound wastes...through caverns and secret passages...past menacing beasts and flying boulders.

One false move, and your precious cargo is an omelet. But with enough cunning and skill, a hero's welcome awaits you.

Characters in Penguin Land



The Commander of the rescue mission. He has to roll the Eggs through a maze of ice blocks, boulders, pits and strange beasts, and somehow get them safely back to the Spaceship.


Spaceship Crew

Anxiously waiting back in the ship, hoping Overbite can somehow rescue the precious eggs.



A wild polar bear-like creature. If Overbite wanders too close, Gangow will knock him down...and once Overbite is out of the way, there's nothing to stop Gangow from crushing the Egg. A powerful brute, but not too smart or too fast.



Leave the Egg for too long in one place and this condor-like flying beast will swoop over and drop a brick on it. Overbite can protect the Egg either by rolling it away or by jumping and knocking the brick out of the way.

Take Control

How to Use the Buttons

Directional Button (D-Button)

Button 1

Button 2

Pause Button

Now Make Your Move

To Start Game

You can either play a ready-made game, or use the Editor to create your own maze.

Penguin Land: Game Start

Move the D-Button up or down to place the hand next to the option you want. Then press Button 1 or 2 to enter.

Once you've selected Game Start or Editor, push D-Button up or down to select the Round you want to start on, then push Button 1 or 2 to begin play.

There are a total of 50 Rounds in the game. But until you've cleared the first 30 Rounds, you'll only be able to select 1-30.

The higher the number of the Round, the more difficult the maze.


Choose this option if you want to design your own maze. See "EDITOR" section in this manual.

Take a Look Around

You'll see a blinking white bar directly underneath the Egg. This Safety Force Field protects the Egg when you drop it...but only if it's on solid ground. The Force Field moves across the screen as the Egg moves.

Penguin Land: Begin

To see what you'll have to go through, press the Pause Button to freeze the screen, then press the D-Button down to scan through the rest of the maze. The screen automatically returns to the beginning when you reach the end.

To Carry an Egg

You can move an Egg left or right by pushing Overbite up against it, using the D-Button. Overbite can also gently land on an Egg and push it along, as long as there's space for the Egg to move to.

You can move the Egg down through the maze by carefully dropping it onto solid ground protected by the Safety Force Field. The Egg can also pass downward through cracked blocks and Egg Tubes.

Be careful not to push the Egg into a narrow space that Overbite can't push it out of.

To Break an Ice Block

Overbite's powerful beak can break blocks of ice on either of the blocks he's standing on. Use D-Button to aim Overbite, then press Button 2 to destroy the block.


Types of Blocks


Ice blocks (light blue):

These are the only blocks Overbite can break.


Stone blocks (light gold):

These blocks can't be broken or moved. Some stone blocks contain magical properties, and will move themselves back and forth, or even disappear and reappear.


Cracked blocks (light blue):

The Egg is small enough to slip through the cracks and down to the next level...but Overbite's too big.


Egg Tube:

Place the Egg on top of the Egg Tube. Position Overbite on the block next to the tube and press Button 2, and the Egg will pass through.


Penguin Tube (green):

Position Overbite on top of this block and press Button 2, and Overbite will pass through.


Rock (dark gold):

Overbite can move a rock by pushing it out of the way, as long as there's not another rock next to it. Or, he may be able to dislodge a hanging block by pecking at it with his beak from the block next to it, or by jumping up from underneath and hitting it with his head. Ouch!

Hidden Factors

Many blocks in Penguin land have hidden factors which affect the game when that block is destroyed...



A block may contain 100 or 200 points.



Adds to your time remaining. You'll find more of these as your time runs down.


Iron Shield

Lets you temporarily drop the Egg without breaking it.



Lets you jump up higher than usual.



Oops! You were better off leaving this guy imprisoned in the block. He takes over Overbite's mind, and makes him go the opposite direction from the one you're pointing.

Know the Score

You can score in any of the following ways...

Using the EDITOR

Choose the EDITOR option on the title screen and you can design your own game. You can store as many as 15 of your own designs in the cartridge memory.

Building a Maze

Each maze in Penguin Land is composed of 4 parts. Illustration A shows how the 4 parts appear on the EDITOR screen:

Illustration B shows how they appear when you actually play them.

Penguin Land: Edit Screen Attach:PenguinLand-SMS-US-pl_plays.png

How to Use the Control Pad of the EDITOR

Use the D-Button

Use Button 1

Use Button 2

Hold down D-Button and Button 1 together

Composing the Play Screen

From the EDITOR screen, press Button 2 to switch to the MENU screen.

Penguin Land: Menu Screen
  1. The components you can choose from will appear on the MENU screen.

    NOTE: Gangow may be used up to 5 times. Cameel will appear all by himself--you can't select or un-select him.
  2. Press D-Button to position the arrow next to the part you wish to select. Press Button 2 to switch to the EDITOR screen.
  3. Use the D-Button to move the part to where you want it.
  4. Press Button 1 to place the part where you've moved it.
  5. To place multiple copies of a maze part, move the D-Button while holding down Button 1.
  6. If you want to cancel a part you've already placed, select the blank square on the left edge of the menu, place it over the part you want to cancel, then press Button 1.

    To change a part you've already chosen for a new part, select the new part, move it into position over the old part and press Button 1.
  7. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary until you've designed a complete customized maze. Then, save it and play it by following the procedure below.

    If you haven't created a complete play screen, you won't be able to play, but you can save it and finish it later. See the section of this manual titled "Game Reconstruction."

    If you want to cancel the design you're working on, align the arrow with EXIT on the MENU screen and press Button 2.

To Save a Maze

You can save up to 15 screens you've designed on the cartridge memory. Assign a number to each design you create, then you'll be able to select it by entering its number.

  1. On the MENU screen, align the arrow with SAVE.
  2. Choose the humber you want to assign by pressing the D-Button up or down.
  3. Press Button 2 to enter the number and begin playing the maze.

If you already have 15 mazes entered in the cartridge memory and wish to enter a new can replace an existing maze simply by assigning the new maze the same number.

Loading a Game You've Designed

If you want to play a maze you've designed previously...

  1. Select EDITOR on the GAME START screen, then press Button 2 to switch to MENU screen.
  2. Align the arrow on MENU screen with LOAD.
  3. Press the D-Button up or down to select the maze number you want to play.
  4. Press Button 2 to go to the EDITOR screen, where you'll see a map of the whole maze.
  5. Press Button 2 to return to the MENU screen. Align the arrow with SAVE, then move the D-Button up or down until the SAVE number matches the LOAD number. Then Press Button 2 to start play.

    If the numbers are white, it means a maze has not been entered under that number.

Game Reconstruction

You can reconstruct any of the mazes you've previously designed...but you can't change the 50 mazes that come built-in to the cartridge.

If you want to save an unchanged version before you reconstruct, use the D-Button to select any unused SAVE number on the MENU screen, then press Button 2.

To reconstruct, use the D-Button to select the Round number you want to load. Press Button 2. You are now in the EDITOR screen, and can add, cancel or change parts as described above.

To SAVE a reconstructed play screen, use the D-Button to adjust the SAVE number so that it is the same as the LOAD number, then press Button 2. You may save a play screen even if it is not completed.

A few Suggestions for a Safe Journey

If you want to get the Eggs back to the Spaceship without accidents, plan your route carefully. Take a look at the map of the whole maze before you start each Round, and develop a strategy for the path you choose.

It's important to use the rocks effectively...either to crush Gangow, or to create steps to help lower the Egg without breaking it.

The rocks are the only weapon Overbite use them well!

Remember, there's more than one way to get where you're going.

Overbite can handle just about anything, one way or another. Even things that seem impossible at first.

Don't stop too long to think about things...or Cameel will swoop by with danger from the sky.

Watch each step, and know what you're doing before you do it, and you'll receive a hero's welcome when you reboard your Spaceship with the precious Egg safe and sound.

Bon voyage!

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