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Loading Instructions: Starting Up:

  1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the game cartridge in the Power Base (shown below) as described in your SEGA SYSTEM manual.
  3. Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartridge and try again.
  4. At the title screen, press Button 1 or 2 to start the game.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting or removing your Mega Cartridge.

Dead Angle

It's 1931 in New York, the Big Apple. You're George Phenix, criminal investigator. You've just put the mob's biggest crime lord behind bars for good. Robert King, King of the Underground, is no more. Before he went to the slammer, King vowed that he would have revenge on you. But the dirty rat didn't scare you.

As a reward for work well done, you took your favorite girl Jane on a romantic trip to Italy. Then tragedy struck in the town of Napoli! King's mobsters took Jane! You rushed after them, guns blazing. But they were too fast. King had escaped from jail. This was his revenge.

Now you're tracking them down, wherever they may go, no matter how many mobsters you have to ice! Somewhere, King is holding your girl and only you can rescue her. As the grenades fly and the roar of Tommy guns fills the air, you've got to wonder ... can you save Jane from the Big Sleep?

Taking Control

Moves the gunsight LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN.

NOTE: To move in a direction, move the gunsight in that direction with the D-Button and hold it there until you have moved the desired distance.

Button 1
Fires single shot gun. When a machine gun is acquired, fires multiple shots.
Button 2
To duck. The gunsight can be moved from this position.

NOTE: Continuously pressing Button 2 will allow the silhouette to duck for a longer period of time. But once that period of time has elapsed, pressing Button 2 will have no effect for a short period of time.

Getting Started

To start a game of Dead Angle, press Button 1 or Button 2 on Control Pad 1 during the title screen. Pressing Button 1 or Button 2 during the demo scene will bring you back to the title screen.

Game Over

You begin the game with three lives. A life is lost when the following occurs:

You gain EXTRA LIVES at 30,000 points and at 100,000 points. As long as you have lives left, you can be healed in the course of a round and can continue to fight. You cannot be healed when in your last life. Lose it, and the game is over.

Playing Dead Angle

There are six rounds to Dead Angle. You must fight your way through all six to rescue Jane, defeat Robert King and win the game.


Napoli, Enrico Family, the shopping district.
New York, Salvatore Family, the waterfront warehouse.
New York, Orazio Family, a downtown hotel.
Chicago, Vincento Family, downtown.
Chicago, Tomasso Family, King's Mansion.
The Big Boss, Robert King, the Final Showdown.

Viewing the Game

When playing the game, George Phenix is shown as a yellow silhouette on the screen.

Life Meter
The colored bar is George's life meter. When he is shot, the meter will be shortened by a third. If George is shot three times, the game is over.
Time Limit
Each round must be completed in a certain amount of time. If the time limit reaches zero before George defeats the Round Boss, he fails and the number of lives remaining is reduced by one.
George's Silhouette
This indicates where George is in relation to the gangsters. When George is being targeted, the silhouette will turn red. Whenever George is shot, a bullet wound will appear on the silhouette. Obtaining a First Aid Kit will remove one of the bullet wounds. The silhouette will also crouch when Button 2 is pressed.

Making Points

Your score will increase each time you beat an enemy. The score is shown each time you win a round and when the game is over.

If you win a round with time remaining, the time is added to your score as a bonus.

Know The Score

300 Points.

Round Bosses:

3,000 Points.
4,000 Points.
5,000 Points.
6,000 Points.
8,000 Points.
10,000 Points.

Special Items

First Aid Kit
Appears during rounds. Capture this item by shooting it. Your damage will decrease by one third. If your life meter is full, it will increase by one third.
Tommy Gun
A machine gun with 300 bullets. As long as you hold down Button 1 it will fire. When you have shot your last bullet, you go back to using a pistol.

The Round Bosses

The Round Bosses all work for Robert King. They are nasty and shoot fast! You'll have to have a quick hand and eye to beat them!

Round 1: Enrico

Round 2: Salvatore

Round 3: Orazio

Round 4: Vincento

Round 5: Tomasso

Round 6: Robert King

Helpful Hints



Handling This Cartridge


Sega of America, Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this Cartridge shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this 90-day warranty period, Sega will repair or replace the defective cartridge or component part, at its option, free of charge. This warranty does not apply if the defects have been caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, tampering, or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship.

To receive fast, reliable warranty service, call the Sega Consumer Service Department at the following number:


Our Consumer Service Department is in operation from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday. DO NOT RETURN YOUR CARTRIDGE TO YOUR RETAIL SELLER. Return cartridge to Sega Consumer Service. Please call first for further information.

If the Sega technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, we will provide you with instructions on returning your defective cartridge to us. The cost of returning the cartridge to Sega's Service Center shall be paid by the purchaser.

Repairs After Expiration of Warranty

If your Cartridge requires repairs after termination of the 90-day warranty period, you may contact the Sega Consumer Service Department at the number listed above. If the technician is unable to solve the problem by phone, he will advise you of the estimated cost of repair.

If you elect to have the repair done, you will need to return the defective merchandise, freight prepaid and insured against loss or damage, to Sega's Service Center with an enclosed check or money order payable to Sega of America, Inc. for the amount of the cost estimate provided to you by the technician. If, after inspection, it is determined that your cartridge cannot be repaired, it will be returned to you and your payment will be refunded.

Limitations on Warranty

Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to ninety days from the date of purchase and are subject to the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall Sega of America, Inc., be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the breach of any express or implied warranties.

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