ROMs used by Sega have a unique part number that corresponds to the program (including revisions). The first part is a 3-letter identifier:

The next part is the number itself, ranging from 4 digits (Sega's earliest arcade games) and up.

Sometimes (but not always) the digits will be followed by a - (dash) and a one or two letter suffix. This indicates the ROM chip manufacturer.

Some known suffixes are:

Chips manufactured by NEC never have a manufacturer suffix, however, this doesn't mean chips that lack a suffix are always manufactured by NEC, early chips do not have a suffix at all. Some chips are manufactured by AMI but I haven't seen any suffix for those.

The number is usually silkscreened onto the ROM package or printed on a label that is affixed to the ROM.

ROM types

A lot of Sega's ROM chips produced by Fujitsu are in a particular form, with a line along the long edge of the body and a large circular depression in the middle. These have a number which describes the ROM type, note that the manufacturer prefix is not silkscreened on top of the actual chip but the Fujitsu Prefix is MB, unfortunately ROM part numbers for other manufacturers are not printed on the chip but very likely candidates are provided:

S23256B/CAMI28-pin PDIP32Kx8 (256K-Bit)
MB831000Fujitsu28-pin PDIP128Kx8 (1M-Bit), no mapper
MB831001Fujitsu28-pin PDIP128Kx8 (1M-Bit)
MB832011Fujitsu32-pin PDIP256Kx8 (2M-Bit), SRAM support
MB834000Fujitsu32-pin PDIP512Kx8 (4M-Bit), no mapper
MB834011Fujitsu32-pin PDIP512Kx8 (4M-Bit)
MB834200Fujitsu40-pin PDIP512Kx8 or 256Kx16 configurable (4M-Bit)
MB838200Fujitsu42-pin PDIP1Mx8 or 512Kx16 configurable (8M-Bit)
MN231001Matsushita/Panasonic28-pin PDIP128Kx8 (1M-Bit)
UPD23C1000ANEC28-pin PDIP128Kx8 (1M-Bit)
UPD23C2001NEC32-pin PDIP256Kx8 (2M-Bit)
UPD23C4001ENEC32-pin PDIP512Kx8 (4M-Bit), with 315-5235 mapper
LH531000Sharp28-pin PDIP128Kx8 (1M-Bit)
LH532100BSharp32-pin PDID256Kx8 (2M-Bit), with 315-5235 mapper
LH534300ASharp32-pin PDIP512Kx8 (4M-Bit), with 315-5365 mapper
LH538R00ASharp32-pin SOP1Mx8 (8M-Bit), with 315-5912 mapper
TC534000PToshiba32-pin PDIP512Kx8 (4M-Bit), with 315-5235 mapper

Sometimes the part number has an A suffix, though its meaning is not understood. Following the part number is a speed designation value, typically '-025' for 250ns.

Identifying the manufacturer







The numbers

PartROM typeBoard typeName
MPR-5538 171-6081SG Mahjong (JP)
MPR-5539 171-6081SG Mahjong (JP)
MPR-6100 171-5177SG Champion Boxing (JP)
MPR-7751831000171-5363SMS Fantasy Zone (old version, additional components)
MPR-10118831001171-5362SMS Fantasy Zone
MPR-10118F831001-25171-5519SMS Fantasy Zone
MPR-10137 171-5364SMS Hang On & Safari Hunt
MPR-10149 171-5519SMS Choplifter (EU) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-10149F  SMS Choplifter (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-10150  SMS Black Belt (EU) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-10151  SMS World Grand Prix (US) (with 315-5208) (Fujitsu)
MPR-10153  SMS Hang On/Astro Warrior (with 315-5208)
MPR-10154 171-5364SMS Pro Wrestling (US) (NEC)
MPR-10154F831001-25171-5519DSMS Pro Wrestling (Fujitsu)
MPR-10154-S  SMS Pro Wrestling (Sharp)
MPR-10156831000 SMS World Grand Prix
MPR-10157F831000 SMS Marksman Shooting (with 315-5208)
MPR-10158831000-20171-5365-01SMS Action Fighter [v1] (JP/DE)
MPR-10159 171-5382SG The Castle (JP)
MPR-10379 171-5362SMS Alex Kidd in Miracle World (JP)
MPR-10386 171-5363-01SMS Ashura (JP)
MPR-10387 171-5363-01SMS Astro Warrior (JP)
MPR-10389 171-5552/171-5519SMS Great Ice Hockey (JP/USA)
MPR-10392831000(-20) SMS The Ninja (with 315-5208) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-10398  SMS Secret Command (EU) (NEC)
MPR-10407  SMS Rambo
MPR-10409 171-5363-01SMS The Ninja (JP)
MPR-10410831000171-5439SMS Space Harrier (US/JP) (2 ROMs, with 315-5235)
MPR-10411831000171-5439SMS Space Harrier (US/JP) (2 ROMs, with 315-5235)
MPR-10412 171-5440SMS Space Harrier (JP) (2M, Version 1)
MPR-10415 171-5519DSMS Great Baseball
MPR-10418 171-5364SMS Quartet (US) (NEC)
MPR-10515 171-5519SMS Shooting Gallery (EU) (NEC)
MPR-10516 171-5519SMS Ghostbusters
MPR-10517 171-5363-01SMS Loretta no Shouzou (JP)
MPR-10575 171-5440SMS Rocky (JP)
MPR-10576  SMS Great Football
MPR-10576831001171-5362SMS Great Football (JP)
MPR-10577831001 SMS Gangster Town
MPR-10742 171-5363-01SMS Makai Retsuden (JP)
MPR-10743  SMS Great Volleyball (US) (NEC)
MPR-10744F831001(-25)171-5519SMS Wonder Boy (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-10744  SMS Wonder Boy (EU) (NEC)
MPR-10745 171-5440SMS Enduro Racer (JP)
MPR-10746831000171-5440SMS Akai Koudan Zillion (JP)
MPR-10747 171-5519SMS Great Soccer (US/EU) (NEC)
MPR-10747F831001(-25) SMS World Soccer (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-10749 171-5363-01SMS The Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race (JP)
MPR-10843  SMS Enduro Racer (EU) (NEC)
MPR-10843F831001(A)(-25) SMS Enduro Racer (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-10844  SMS Missile Defense 3-D
MPR-10845832011(-25) SMS Out Run
MPR-10847 171-5506SMS Fantasy Zone II (JP)
MPR-10848 199.403.511.413SMS Fantasy Zone II (BR)
MPR-11043831001-25171-5519DSMS Action Fighter [v2] (US/EU)
MPR-11046831001(A-25)171-5519SMS The Ninja (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11047831001 SMS Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Fujitsu)
MPR-11047  SMS Alex Kidd in Miracle World (BR) (NEC)
MPR-11047-S  SMS Alex Kidd in Miracle World (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-11048831001171-5519SMS Astro Warrior (US)
MPR-11049  SMS Gangster Town (US) (NEC)
MPR-11049831001-25171-5519SMS Gangster Town (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11068831001(-25) SMS Zillion (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11069831001(-25) SMS Kung Fu Kid (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11070831001(-25) SMS Astro Warrior & Pit Pot (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11071 171-5507DSMS Space Harrier (PAL/NTSC)
MPR-11072 171-5507DSMS Rocky
MPR-11073  SMS Great Basketball
MPR-11073 171-5362SMS Great Basketball (JP)
MPR-11074831001(A)(-25)171-5519SMS World Grand Prix (US)
MPR-11076  SMS Space Harrier (EU) (NEC)
MPR-11077 171-5500SMS Doki Doki Penguin Land - Uchuu Daiboken (JP) (with 315-5235, SRAM)
MPR-11078  SMS Out Run (EU) (NEC)
MPR-11121  SMS Aztec Adventure
MPR-11121F831001(-25) SMS Aztec Adventure (Fujitsu)
MPR-11124  SMS BIOS 2.1 (JP)
MPR-11125831001 SMS Hang On/Astro Warrior
MPR-11190  SMS Penguin Land (with 315-5235, SRAM, Battery)
MPR-11190-S 171-5497SMS Penguin Land (with 315-5235, SRAM, Battery) (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-11191 171-5177SMS SDI (JP)
MPR-11192  SMS Great Golf
MPR-11192F831001(-25) SMS Great Golf (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11193 171-5518SMS Mahjong Sengoku Jidai (JP)
MPR-11194832011 MT Alien Syndrome
MPR-11197832011-25 SMS Zaxxon 3-D (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11198834000171-5583SMS Phantasy Star (JP)
MPR-11270A831000(-20)171-5497SMS Monopoly (Rev A) (with 315-5235, SRAM, Battery) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11270-S 171-5497SMS Monopoly (with 315-5235, SRAM, Battery) (Sharp)
MPR-11271834000 SMS After Burner (with 315-5235)
MPR-11271-T 171-5559-01DSMS After Burner (with 315-5235) (Toshiba)
MPR-11272  SMS After Burner (with 315-5235, split ROM with MPR-11273)
MPR-11273  SMS After Burner (with 315-5235, split ROM with MPR-11272)
MPR-11274  SMS Global Defense (EU) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-11274F831001(-25) SMS Global Defense (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11276 171-5518SMS Family Games (JP)
MPR-11278831001-25171-5519DSMS Zillion II - The Tri Formation (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11337 171-5514SMS Maze Walker (JP)
MPR-11384 171-5507 DSMS Alien Syndrome (EU) (NEC)
MPR-11385 171-5552SMS Galactic Protector (JP)
MPR-11386  SMS Maze Hunter 3-D (US) (same as Space Harrier 3-D?)
MPR-11386  SMS Space Harrier 3-D (same as Maze Hunter 3-D?)
MPR-11400 171-5519SMS Rescue Mission (EU) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-11400F831001-25 SMS Rescue Mission (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11402  SMS Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (EU) (NEC)
MPR-11404F831001 MT Parlour Games
MPR-11404F831001 SMS Parlour Games
MPR-11421832011(-25) SMS Blade Eagle 3-D
MPR-11453  SMS Fantasy Zone: The Maze (EU) (NEC)
MPR-11453-S  SMS Fantasy Zone: The Maze (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-11454 171-5564SMS Hoshi Wo Sagashite... (JP)
MPR-11455 171-5506SMS Shinobu (JP)
MPR-11457F832011 SMS Captain Silver (EU)
MPR-11487832011(-25) SMS Wonder Boy in Monster Land (JP/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11488 171-5564SMS Kenseiden (JP)
MPR-11564832011(-25) SMS Maze Hunter 3-D/Space Harrier 3-D (EU/US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11685  SMS Power Strike (US) (NEC)
MPR-11706 171-5507 DSMS Shinobi (EU) (NEC)
MPR-11706F832011-25 SMS Shinobi (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11710 171-5602DSMS Miracle Warriors (US) (with SRAM, Battery) (NEC)
MPR-11711 171-5603ASMS Phantasy Star (with 315-5235, SRAM, battery) (NEC)
MPR-11711F834000 SMS Phantasy Star (with 315-5235, SRAM, battery) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11711AT 171-5603ASMS Phantasy Star (with 315-5235, SRAM, battery) (Toshiba)
MPR-11820F832011(-25) SMS Thunder Blade (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11821F832011-25 SMS Kenseiden (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11822F832011-25171-5507SMS Lord of the Sword (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11831 171-5507SMS Double Dragon
MPR-11831F832011(A)-25 SMS Double Dragon (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-11879-S 171-5713DSMS Kenseiden (US) (with 315-5235) (Sharp)
MPR-11881-S 171-5712DSMS Great Basketball (US) (with 315-5208) (Sharp)
MPR-11886-S 171-5441SMS Nekkyuu Koushien (JP)
MPR-11890-S 171-5712DSMS Rambo - First Blood Part II (US) (with 315-5208) (Sharp)
MPR-11891-S 171-5712 DSMS Ghostbusters (with 315-5208)
MPR-11931  SMS Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (US) (NEC)
MPR-11935F832011(-25) SMS Golvellius
MPR-12002-T 171-5559-01DSMS R-Type (with 315-5235) (BR/EU) (Toshiba)
MPR-12002 171-5559-01DSMS R-Type (with 315-5235) (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12027  SMS R-Type (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12036F832011-25171-5507SMS Rambo III (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12036F832011-25199.403.511.413SMS Rambo III (BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12041F831001(-25)171-5519SMS Cyborg Hunter (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12042F832011(-25) SMS Rampage (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12043F832011(-25) SMS Bomber Raid (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12044F832011(-25)171-5602 DSMS Y's (US) (with SRAM, Battery) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12102F832011171-5507 DSMS Reggie Jackson Baseball
MPR-12122F832011-25 SMS Poseidon Wars 3-D (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12129F832011-25171-5507 DSMS Time Soldiers
MPR-12130 171-5507 DSMS Out Run 3-D (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12129F832011-25171-5507 DSMS Time Soldiers (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12130 171-5507SMS Out Run 3-D
MPR-12138F832011(-25) SMS Vigilante (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12342  SMS California Games (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12342 199.403.511.413SMS Jogos de Verão (BR) (NEC)
MPR-12342F832011 SMS California Games
MPR-12352F832011 SMS Altered Beast
MPR-12393F831001-25 SMS ALF (USA)
MPR-12402831001 SMS Montezuma's Revenge
MPR-12408 171-5519SMS Alex Kidd: High Tech World (EU) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-12530-M  SMS King's Quest (US) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-12532-T  SMS SpellCaster (US/EU) (with 315-5235) (Toshiba)
MPR-12533F831001-25 SMS Wanted (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12534 171-5713 DSMS Altered Beast (with 315-5235) (NEC)
MPR-12533F831001 SMS Wanted
MPR-12538-H  MD Altered Beast
MPR-12546 171-5838SMS Cloud Master (USA) (with 315-5365) (NEC)
MPR-12552 171-5519SMS TransBot (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12554  SMS Bank Panic (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12555F832011(-25) SMS American Baseball (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12566A834000A(-20)171-5838SMS Galaxy Force (Rev A) (with 315-5365) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12566B-F834000A171-5559-01DSMS Galaxy Force (Rev B) (with 315-5235) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12567 171-5838SMS Walter Payton Football (US) (with 315-5365) (NEC)
MPR-12568-M  SMS Captain Silver (USA) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-12570 171-5507SMS Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12584 171-5519 (D)SMS Super Tennis (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12585  SMS My Hero (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12586 171-5519SMS Ghost House (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12588F832011-25171-5507SMS Tennis Aces (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12643  SMS F-16 Fighter (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12644F832011-25 SMS Psycho Fox (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12645F834200A171-5703MD Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
MPR-12654F832011(-25)199.403.511.413SMS Dead Angle (EU/BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12668  SMS Teddy Boy (EU) (AMI)
MPR-12669 199.403.511.413SMS Dynamite Dux (BR) (NEC)
MPR-12670  SMS Scramble Spirits (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12671-T  SMS Golden Axe (with 315-5235) (EU/BR) (Toshiba)
MPR-12728  SMS Basketball Nightmare (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12808F831001A SMS Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System II built-in)
MPR-12903  SMS R.C. Grand Prix (US/EU) (NEC)
MPR-12905  MD The New Zealand Story
MPR-12912 171-5519SMS World Games (EU) (NEC)
MPR-12933F832011-25 SMS Battle Out Run (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12934A  SMS Slap Shot (Rev A) (US/EU) (NEC)
MPR-12955F832011-25 SMS Assault City (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-12958 171-5838SMS Operation Wolf (with 315-5365) (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-12959 171-5838SMS Taito Chase H.Q. (with 315-5365) (EU) (Fujitsu/Sharp)
MPR-13135 171-5602-BSMS Ultima IV (with SRAM, Battery) (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13144 171-5602-BSMS Golfamania (with SRAM, Battery) (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13148-F832011-25 SMS Double Hawk (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13166 171-5507SMS Golden Axe (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13167 171-5507SMS Casino Games (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13202 171-5507SMS Alex Kidd: in Shinobi World (US/EU) (NEC)
MPR-13209-F832011-25171-5507SMS Aerial Assault (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13239-S 171-5703MD World Cup Italia '90
MPR-13253 171-5713 DSMS Rastan (with 315-5235) (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-13286-T 171-5927MD Columns
MPR-13289  SMS Super Monaco GP (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13292 171-5519SMS World Cup Italia '90 (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-13292 171-5519SMS Super Futebol II (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-13293  SMS Columns (US/EU) (Sharp)
MPR-13298F831001-25 SMS Summer Games (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13306A-M  SMS Paperboy (Rev A) (US) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-13306A831001-25 SMS Paperboy (Rev A) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13309 171-5507SMS Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
MPR-13309 199.403.511.413SMS Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (BR) (NEC)
MPR-13311  SMS Gain Ground (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13312-F832011-25 SMS E-SWAT (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13312A-F832011-25 SMS E-SWAT (Rev A) (US/EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13346-M  SMS Gauntlet (EU) (Matsushita/Panasonic)
MPR-13366 171-5519SMS Impossible Mission (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-13482-F832011A-25 SMS The Cyber Shinobi (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13494 171-6059AGG Shanghai II (Ver1.1) (JP)
MPR-13496-F832011-25 SMS Danan - The Jungle Fighter (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13584-F832011-25171-5507 DSMS Castle of Illusion (EU/BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13584A832011A(-25)171-5507SMS Castle of Illusion (Rev A) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13605 171-5507SMS Joe Montana Football
MPR-13610 171-6054AGG Kinetic Connection (JP)
MPR-13626  SMS Hang On (EU) (AMI)
MPR-13629F831001-25171-5519SMS Speedball (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13644  SMS Dick Tracy
MPR-13652-F832011-25 SMS James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (US) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13653-F832011-25 SMS Heavyweight Champ (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13660 171-6059AGG Pac-Man (JP)
MPR-13664-F832011(-25)171-5602-BSMS Golden Axe Warrior (with SRAM, Battery) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13665 171-5507SMS Michael jackson's Moonwalker (US/EU) (NEC)
MPR-13666-F832011-25 SMS Ace of Aces (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13680  SMS Psychic World (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13687-F832011A-25171-5507 DSMS Ghouls'n Ghosts (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13687-F832011-25199.403.511.413SMS Ghouls'n Ghosts (BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13665 171-5507SMS Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
MPR-13689F831001-25 SMS Pacmania (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13701-F832011-25171-5507SMS The Flintstones (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13706  SMS Forgotten Worlds (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13706-F 171-5507SMS Forgotten Worlds
MPR-13809  SMS Dynamite Duke (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13884 171-6059AGG Ryuu Kyuu (JP)
MPR-13897-F832011A-25 SMS World Class Leaderboard (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-13900 171-5507SMS Populous (EU) (NEC)
MPR-13903 199.403.511.413SMS Back to the Future II (EU/BR) (NEC)
MPR-13913-F834200A MD Sonic The Hedgehog
MPR-13925 171-5602-BSMS Phantasy Star (with SRAM, Battery) (BR) (NEC)
MPR-13930 171-6087AGG Wagyan Land (JP)
MPR-13949  SMS Spider-Man (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14031-F832011-25 SMS Xenon 2 (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14093  SMS Strider (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14177 171-5838SMS Bubble Bobble (EU) (with 315-5365) (Sharp)
MPR-14180-F832011-25199.403.511.413SMS Bonanza Brothers (BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14181  SMS Sega Chess (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14233  SMS Dragon Crystal (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-14238  GG Factory Panic
MPR-14254 171-5507DSMS Alien Storm (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14266A  SMS Asterix (Rev A) (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14269-F834000A171-5559-01DSMS Mercs (with 315-5235) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14271  SMS Sonic The Hedgehog
MPR-14271-F832011(A)(-25) SMS Sonic The Hedgehog (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14279-S  MD Monster World III
MPR-14310-F832011-25 SMS Back to the Future III (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14319 171-6087AGG Joe Montana Football (JP)
MPR-14321-F832011A-25 SMS Out Run Europa (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14326  SMS Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14330-F832011-25 SMS Shadow of the Beast (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14331 199.403.511.413SMS Mônica no Castelo do Dragão (BR) (NEC)
MPR-14342 171-5507SMS G-Loc (BR) (NEC)
MPR-14343  SMS Heroes of the Lance (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14346 171-6059AGG Space Harrier (JP)
MPR-14358-F832011A-25171-5507SMS The Lucky Dime Caper (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14371-F834200A MD QuackShot
MPR-14380F831001A-25171-5519SMS Ms. Pac-Man (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14384-T  MD Art Alive
MPR-14389 171-6088AGG Arliel - Crystal Densetsu (JP)
MPR-14397-F832011-25 SMS Super Kick Off (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14433F831001A-25 SMS Klax (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14459A  GG Sonic the Hedgehog
MPR-14472  MD Valis: The Legend Of A Fantasm Soldier
MPR-14520-F 171-5559-OIDSMS Asterix (with 315-5235)
MPR-14528 171-5507SMS Super Space Invaders (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14632 171-5838SMS Sagaia (with 315-5365) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14632  SMS Sagaia (with 315-5235) (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14677 171-5507SMS Ninja Gaiden (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14684  SMS Air Rescue (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14686  SMS Wimbledon
MPR-14689 171-5507SMS Champions of Europe
MPR-14689-F  SMS Champions of Europe (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14691 171-5507SMS Chuck Rock (BR) (NEC)
MPR-14754-F832011A-25 SMS Olympic Gold (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14759 171-6059AGG Hyper Pro Yakyuu '92 (JP)
MPR-14773-F832011A-25 SMS Marble Madness (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14831-F832011A-25171-6339ASMS The Terminator (with SRAM; No Battery) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14834  SMS Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14838-F834200A MD Taz-Mania
MPR-14988 171-5507 DSMS The NewZealand Story (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14991  SMS Xenon 2 (EU) (NEC)
MPR-14992F831001A-25 SMS Speedball (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-14996  MD Home Alone
MPR-15000A-H  MD Sonic The Hedgehog 2
MPR-15009  MD Mega Games I
MPR-15051-F832011A-25 SMS Tom & Jerry - The Movie (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15053 171-5838SMS S.C.I. (with 315-5365) (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-15056-F832011A-25 SMS Super Smash T.V. (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15057  SMS The Simpsons - Bart vs. The Space Mutants (EU/BR) (NEC)
MPR-15062-F832011A-25171-5507SMS Prince of Persia (BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15063 171-5559-01DSMS Space Gun (with 315-5235)
MPR-15063 171-5893SMS Space Gun (with 315-5365) (EU) (Sharp)
MPR-15068-F832011A-25 SMS Alien 3 (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15074  SMS Trivia Pursuit - Genus Edition (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15139-F832011A-25 SMS Predator 2 (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15156 171-6087AGG In the wake of Vampire (JP)
MPR-15159 171-5507DSMS Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15161 171-5507SMS Taz-Mania (BR) (NEC)
MPR-15162  SMS Batman Returns (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15163 171-5507SMS Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15203-F832011A-25171-5507SMS Master of Darkness (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15221-F832011A-25171-5507 DSMS Lemmings (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15264  SMS Pit-Fighter (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15274  MD Chakan
MPR-15307-F832011A-25 SMS Tecmo World Cup '93 (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15317  SMS Wonder Boy In Monster World (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15329  SMS Strider II (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15339  MD Captain Planet And The Planeteers
MPR-15402 171-5507 DSMS Renegade
MPR-15407A-F832011A-25 SMS Rainbow Islands (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15464 171-6087AGG Puyo Puyo (JP)
MPR-15468  MD Cyborg Justice
MPR-15471-F832011-25 SMS Krusty's Fun House (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15472-F834000A171-6419BSMS Master Games I (with 315-5235+logic chips) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15484832011 SMS James Bond 007 The Duel
MPR-15503-F832011A-25171-5507DSMS Wimbledon II (EU/BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15506-F832011A-25 SMS Superman - The Man of Steel (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15510  SMS GP Rider (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15515-F 171-5507SMS Global Gladiators
MPR-15515  SMS Global Gladiators (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15557  SMS Streets of Rage (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15564 171-6309AGG Pro Yakyuu GG League (JP)
MPR-15569A832011A171-5507SMS André Agassi Tennis
MPR-15572  SMS The Incredible Crash Dummies (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15580  SMS WWF Wrestlemania - Steel Cage Challenge (BR) (NEC)
MPR-15643-F832011A(-25) SMS California Games II (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15665 171-6087AGG Bare Knuckle II (JP)
MPR-15668  SMS Star Wars (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15670-S  MD The Super Shinobi 2
MPR-15671  SMS Power Strike II (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15714(-F)832011(A-25) SMS Wolfchild (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15757 171-5507SMS Mortal Kombat (EU/BR) (NEC)
MPR-15802  SMS Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15821  SMS Cool Spot (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15827 171-6087AGG Ultimate Football (JP)
MPR-15830-F 171-5507SMS F1
MPR-15923-F832011A-25171-5602-BSMS The Flash (with SRAM) (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15926-F834011171-5507 DSMS Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15973-F834011 GG Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos
MPR-15988  SMS Bart vs. The World (BR) (NEC)
MPR-15992832011A(-25) SMS Zool (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-15993  SMS PGA Tour Golf (EU) (NEC)
MPR-15997 171-2207 DSMS Jurassic Park
MPR-15999832011A(-25)171-5507 (D)SMS Turma da Mônica em - O Resgate (BR)
MPR-16028834011 SMS Asterix and the Secret Mission (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-16031 171-5602-BSMS Desert Speedtrap (EU) (with SRAM) (NEC)
MPR-16050  SMS Robocop vs. Terminator (EU) (NEC)
MPR-16057 171-5507SMS The Jungle Book (EU) (NEC)
MPR-16066-F834011 SMS Desert Strike (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-16073  SMS T2: The Arcade Game
MPR-16077  MD Sonic Spinball
MPR-16137 171-5507DSMS Masters of Combat (BR) (NEC)
MPR-16146  SMS Sensible Soccer
MPR-16153 171-5507DSMS Streets of Rage II (EU) (NEC)
MPR-16217-F834011 SMS Road Rash (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-16231-F832011A-25 SMS The Addams Family (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-16342  MD Sonic The Hedgehog 3
MPR-16350 171-6087AGG Winter Olympics (JP)
MPR-16389-H4116FBB14 MD Virtua Racing
MPR-16421-S  GG NBA Jam
MPR-16439-F831001A-25171-5519SMS Chapolin x Dracula (BR) (Fujitsu)
MPR-16454 171-6087AGG Scratch Golf (JP)
MPR-16456 171-6087AGG Yu Yu Hakusho - Horobishi Mono no Gyakushuu (JP)
MPR-16589 171-6087AGG GP Rider (JP)
MPR-16605-T  SAT Sega Saturn BIOS (US/NTSC VA0.8)
MPR-16607 171-6087AGG Tant~R (Puzzle & Action) (JP)
MPR-16616 171-6088AGG Madou Monogatari II (JP)
MPR-16624-S 171-6878ASMS Pit-Figher (with logic chip) (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-16628-F834011 SMS Aladdin (EU) (Fujitsu)
MPR-16693  SMS Chuck Rock II (BR) (NEC)
MPR-16693-S  SMS Chuck Rock II (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-16703-S 171-6878ASMS The Incredible Hulk (with logic chip) (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-16707 171-6087AGG Torarete Tamaruka!? (JP)
MPR-16821 171-6088AGG J League GG Pro Striker '94 (JP)
MPR-16823-S 171-6878ASMS Asterix and the Great Rescue (EU) (with logic chip) (Sharp)
MPR-16849 171-6087AGG Nazo Puyo Aruru no Ruu (JP)
MPR-16910-U  MD Sonic & Knuckles ROM 1
MPR-16911-S  MD Sonic & Knuckles ROM 2
MPR-16925-S 171-6087AGG The Smurfs
MPR-17023 171-6087AGG Dunk Kids (JP)
MPR-17075  GG Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble
MPR-17084 171-6087AGG Yu Yu Hakusho II - Gekitou! Nanakyou no Tatakai (JP)
MPR-17249  SMS The Lion King (EU) (NEC)
MPR-17250-SM  32X Tempo ROM 1
MPR-17251-SM  32X Tempo ROM 2
MPR-17259-U  32X Virtua Racing ROM 1
MPR-17260-U  32X Virtua Racing ROM 2
MPR-17300  SMS Mortal Kombat II (BR) (NEC)
MPR-17363-S  SMS Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-17428  32X Space Harrier
MPR-17432 171-6087AGG Fatal Fury Special (JP)
MPR-17532 171-5507SMS Battlemaniacs (BR) (NEC)
MPR-17533-S 171-5519SMS Geraldinho (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-17534-U  32X After Burner
MPR-17537 171-6087AGG Puyo Puyo 2 (JP)
MPR-17590  SMS Championship Hockey (EU) (NEC)
MPR-17623 171-6087AGG Sonic Drift 2 (JP)
MPR-17625 171-6087AGG NBA Jam Tournament Edition (JP)
MPR-17703-F838200B MD Desert Demolition
MPR-17709-MX  32X Metal Head ROM 1
MPR-17710-MX  32X Metal Head ROM 2
MPR-17715 171-6087AGG Sailor Moon S (JP)
MPR-17792 171-6087AGG Tempo JR. (JP) (same as Super Columns?)
MPR-17792-S  GG Super Columns (same as Temo JR.?)
MPR-17805 171-6087AGG Crayon Shin-chan - Taiketsu! Kantamu Panic!! (JP)
MPR-17816 171-6087AGG The Quiz Gear Fight!! (JP)
MPR-17848 171-6059AGG SD Gundam Winner's History (JP)
MPR-17865 171-6059AGG Super Columns (JP)
MPR-17904  SMS Cheese Cat-Astrophe (BR) (NEC)
MPR-18000 171-6087AGG Ninkuu (JP)
MPR-18017 171-5507SMS Quest for the Shaven Yak (BR) (NEC)
MPR-18091 171-5507SMS Ariel - The Little Mermaid (BR) (NEC)
MPR-18092 171-5507SMS Game Box - Série Esportes Radicais (BR) (NEC)
MPR-18102-S 171-5519SMS Sapo Xulé - S.O.S. Lagoa Poluída (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-18210 171-6087AGG Kishin Douji Zenki (JP)
MPR-18216 171-6087AGG Foreman for Real (JP)
MPR-18313 171-6087AGG Ninkuu Gaiden - Hiroyuki Daikatsugeki (JP)
MPR-18439-U  32X Kolibri
MPR-18440 171-6088AGG Super Momotarou Dentetsu III (JP)
MPR-18562 171-6088AGG Nomo Hideo no World Series Baseball (JP)
MPR-18695 171-6087AGG Ninkuu 2 (JP)
MPR-18868 171-5507DSMS Ecco - The Tides of Time (BR) (NEC)
MPR-19076  SMS Férias Frustradas do Pica Pau (BR) (NEC)
MPR-19081  SMS FIFA International Soccer (BR) (NEC)
MPR-19341 171-5507SMS Earthworm Jim (BR) (NEC)
MPR-19946-S 199.002.831.816SMS Virtua Fighter Animation (SMD Chip + 315-5912) (BR) (Sharp)
MPR-20989-S  SMS Legend of Illusion - Starring Mickey Mouse (BR)
MPR-21022-S  SMS 20 em 1 (BR) (Sharp)

These numbers do not necessarily correspond to the game's release in chronological order. Furthermore the absence of numbers between two revisions of the same game may not always indicate missing versions.

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