Game Gear Games Developed by Beam

Game Title+AliasesMusic TriggerVGM Pack StatusResources
5 in One Fun PakDBB0, DBAD[1] 
Casino FunPakC930, C92D[1] 
Choplifter IIIDF02[2]/DEEF[3] | OH[4] 
MLBPA BaseballDB0B, DB08[1] 
Solitaire FunPakD14A, D148[1] 
True Lies (トゥルーライズ)D407, D404[1] 

  1. ^ a b c d e Set the value in the first location, and use the second to trigger the song.
  2. ^ Works almost like a SMPS trigger, except 80 stops the engine and triggers silence. Add 80 to value of pattern.
  3. ^ Music Block ID. Music is organized into sets of patterns. Id that plays back is generally 1 higher than entered, starting after a timer is reset, and playing through the usual song patterns.
  4. ^ ROM [00853]

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