The Terminator was published by
Virgin Games
Developed in the UK for Virgin by
Probe Software Limited, England
Programmed by
Dominic Wood
Artwork by
Mark Knowles
Audio by
Krisalis Software
Music by
Matt Furniss
Interlude and Credit Sequences
Brian Rogers
Designed for Probe Software by
Neil Young, Dominic Wood, Mark Knowles
Product Quality Assurance by
Andy Green, Ian Mathias, Darren Lloyd
Produced for Virgin Games by
Ian Mathias
Produced for Probe Software by
Neil Young

The Terminator (C)1984 Cinema 84, Greenberg Brothers Partnership, All Rights Reserved

Licensed by
Hemdale Film Corporation
Sublicensed by
Bethesda Softworks

The Terminator(TM) designates a trademark of Cinema 84, Greenberg Brothers Partnership

Uncredited in-game

Music engine
Shaun Hollingworth

Credits at end of game

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