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  • The password "WE5T 0NE 0000 000" is not a valid password, but a hard-coded alias to "MKWH WBZ TY3J 0GP".
  • You can set 127 Stones just fine.
  • Yes the money formula sucks, you need at least one low bit (1-4) set or it is zero.
  • If you choose "freeze game *" from "Form", the game graphics become glitched and you can't move.
  • If you choose "silent doors *" from "Available", doors make no sound, and if you use a "Return" door, your sprite becomes invisible.
  • I have no idea what the ????? Green Door unlocks. It doesn't seem to be used.
  • The "obfuscation" bits just determine the XOR template, which the game gives you semirandomly.

Click to open password generator

Super password

Enter WE5T 0NE 0000 000 as your password to start as Hu-Man with all items, ninety-nine stones, and almost one million gold pieces.

Magical equipment

Transform anywhere

Equip the Tasmanian sword, and jump into the air. While in the air, hold [2] on controller 2 and press [1] on controller 1. You'll transform when you land.


If you die wearing Hades Armor you will be resurrected.

More money

Killing enemies or opening gold chests with the Lucky Sword equipped will get you more money than usual.

More items

Killing enemies while wearing the Prince Armor gets you more hearts, magic and charm stones.

Create blocks

Equip the Magical Saber, Knight Shield, Goblin Mail and Fireballs and you can create blocks over plain sky areas, without needing the special star blocks.


Lava will not damage you while wearing the Dragon Mail.

Secret doors

Secret treasure rooms

At the end of the pyramid section, just before you drop down to the boss, jump over the pit and walk through the wall on the left.

This secret room is only accessible as Hawk-Man.

This secret room in the sphinx is only accessible as Hawk-Man. It takes you to the end of the pyramid.

When Mouse-Man gets to the maze before the forest, climb to the top left corner and jump. The treasure room contains money and hearts.

In the caves leading to the Samurai castle, there is a seemingly inaccessible cave. There is a secret door in the location shown that allows entry to the cave; there is a secret treasure room behind a hidden door at the left.

In the last room of the Samurai castle, next to the door to the dragon (all the way to the right) is a hidden door leading to a full heart container and revival potion.

Secret shops and hospitals

In the first village, enter in the door at the base of the tower. Fall down and put your character in front of the door on the left, then jump and hold [Up] and find the secret door. The shop sells magic items.

Before the second lava pit in the caves leading to the Samurai castle, there is a hospital under the platform.

After the lava pits in the caves leading to the Samurai castle, the path splits with the upper route a dead end. At the dead end there is a secret shop selling the magical Tasmanian Sword (see above).

Below the door from the village to the desert, there is a shop only reachable by Hawk-Man selling Thunder and Stones.

There is a shop inside the exit from the Meka Dragon's castle, selling the Legendary Shield.

Secret doors to bosses

If you have 99 charm stones (easiest to achieve by using the above WE5T 0NE 0000 000 password), press [Up] in the locations shown to open a secret door to one of the boss dragons:

Mummy DragonZombie DragonCaptain Dragon
Daimyo DragonVampire Dragon

Free equipment

Action Replay codes

Infinite Energy
Infinite Potions (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Coins (keeps showing 900000)
Infinite Fire Ball Magic (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Tornado Magic (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Arrow Magic (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Boomerang Magic (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Thunder Magic (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Charm Stones (keeps showing 99)
Infinite Keys (keeps showing 99)
Start as Lizard-Man (transforming occurs after the first button pressing)
Start as Mouse-Man (transforming occurs after the first button pressing)
Start as Piranha-Man (transforming occurs after the first button pressing)
Start as Lion-Man (transforming occurs after the first button pressing)
Start as Hawk-Man (transforming occurs after the first button pressing)
Force FM Music (requires Viletim's FM Sound Board)

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