Hidden warp area

Locate the jumping platforms at the end of level 1-3. Jump to the top of the screen. Near the top are three jumping platforms in a triangular arrangement. Jump off the lower right platform and punch the air. The sky will begin to open. Hit this same location until a black hole appears. Jump into the hole to enter the warp area. Slide down the steel ramp until two pipes appear. The first pipe leads to level 5-1 and the second pipe leads to level 4-1.

Ultimate warp

In level 1-1, find the floating island with a lake in the middle. Skip across the lake and jump onto the platform to the right. Stand on the right edge of the platform and throw Birdfly. A black hole will open. Jump into the hole and you will be taken to the warp area. The first pipe will take you to level 7-1, and the second pipe will take you to level 2-1.

Action Replay codes

Invincibility part 1
Invincibility part 2 (both must be enabled to work)
Infinite lives (keeps showing 255)
Start with BirdFly
"Rapid Fire" BirdFly (BirdFly does not wait to come back to you)
Infinite bonus/money (keeps showing 5; turn it off to finish betting. Note that if you place more than 5 bets on the same route, you'll end up seeing some game tiles instead of the numbers each fox usually carry. Internally, however, the numbers are counted correctly)
Infinite potions (keeps showing 9)
Infinite Effigies (keeps showing 9)
Infinite Psycho Sticks (keeps showing 9)
Start as Hippo
Start as Monkey
Start as Tiger
Level select (replace the XX on the code for a hexadecimal number from 00 to 14 to play on the normal stages, a number from 15 to 1C to play on the warp zones or, finally, a number from 1D to FF to "play" on one of those "weird" stages of the game)
Level 00C020FDLevel 00C020FELevel 00C020FF

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