Level select

Hold down [1]+[2] while powering on the system. Release the buttons at the title screen, and press [Up+Left]+[1]+[2]. A number will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Use the D-pad to select a starting round, and press [1] or [2] to begin at the desired level.

Continue game play

Hold [Up+Left]+[1]+[2] at the title screen to continue game play. The number of the current level will be appear in the top right corner to confirm correct code entry. Use the D-pad to select a new area and press [1] or [2] to begin game play. Note: This may only be done until level 4-4 is reached.

Bonus life

Your character will swing the pipe immediately after it is collected. Try to hit an enemy with the swing to earn an extra life.

Pro Action Replay

Infinite Lives

See the main page for Maze Hunter 3-D / Maze Walker (メイズウォーカー / 메이즈 워커)

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