Level select and SFX test (hacking required)

There is a level select and SFX test but it has been deliberately removed from the final ROM. There are several ways to reinstate it:

  1. Use an Pro Action Replay cartridge with code 00C00802. Switch the PAR on and off to enter the sound test.
  2. Re-patch where it looks like the cheat was removed, by writing 01 at ROM address 00077B.
  3. Re-patch using the "fake" PAR code 00077B01 (in an emulator that supports it - it won't work on a real cartridge).

The last two set the cheat code to [Up]+[1] or [Up]+[2], which must be pressed during the "(c) 1991 The Walt Disney Company" screen.

It is possible to choose scene numbers too high for a given round, in which case you will get the level data from a higher round with the block types and graphics of the selected round.

Action Replay codes

Donald floats in the air (you can walk on the air after jumping, and if you stop, your falling time will be increased)
Infinite lives (keeps showing 9)
Infinite energy and weapons
Maximum hammer power

See the main page for The Lucky Dime Caper - Starring Donald Duck / The Lucky Dime Caper - Estrelando Pato Donald

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