Secret codes

At the options screen, press [Pause] so the screen border changes to blue. Then enter one of the following cheats. If you do it correctly, the screen border will flash and in most cases, the extra items will be displayed on the left of the screen.

[Right][Left][Left][Right][Up][Down][Down][Right]Start with 1 more life
[Down][2][1][Right][1][Down][1][2]Start with 3 more lives
[Down][Up][Up][1][1][1][Up][Left]Start with 5 more lives
[Left][Up][Left][Right][Left][Left][Down][Right]Start with shoes
[Up][Down][Right][Down][Left][Left][Down][2]Start with shoes and blue candy
[Left][Left][1][Right][Down][1][Down][Left]Start with 3 candies and shoes
[Right][1][Up][Up][Up][1][1][2]Start with 3 candies, shoes, and fairy
[1][Left][Down][Up][1][Up][1][Up]Start with 3 candies, shoes, fairy and 3 lives
[Up][Left][Down][Left][Down][Up][Up][Left]Foods gallery
[2][2][Left][1][2][Right][2][Left]Sound test
[Down][1][Left][2][Down][1][1][Down]UnknownWhat Does This Cheat Do
UnknownWhat Does This Cheat Do
Show hint screens (does nothing in export version) 

Password generator

Red jewel Blue jewel Green jewel Key Red mirror Candle Blue mirror Green mirror
Player 1
Player 2

Click to open password generator

See the main page for Bubble Bobble / Final Bubble Bobble (ファイナルバブルボブル / 파이널 바블보블) / Dragon Maze

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