Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?®

and where has her gang of thieves taken the loot? You're the detective tracking down culprits in this globe-hopping mystery action game. And as you work your way up the five challenge levels from Rookie to Ace Detective, the mysteries get more complicated and your suspect and his henchmen become more aggressive, firing bullets and throwing knives you must duck on-screen.

In each case, one of 10 elusive villains has stolen one of 90 national treasures and absconded to one of 30 foreign cities. Chase your suspect around the world, racing the clock and making crucial decisions: What city did he go to? Where will you investigate, the Embassy or the Warehouse? Collect pertinent facts from the special Almanac, and travel the globe until you've got the goods on your crook. When you know whodunit, visit Interpol and bring your suspect to justice!

This bestselling computer game has been specially adapted for the SEGA system to provide countless clues, heart-pounding excitement and challenging solutions that will bring you many, many hours of 'round-the-world detecting fun!

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