This page features artwork extracted from the Sega Ages 2500 series of PlayStation 2 remakes of classic Sega games. In each case, only the interesting Sega 8-bit parts are shown.

These images were originally extracted from the games by Andlabs at the Sonic Retro forum.

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Fantasy Zone Complete Collection

Fantasy Zone

Original artwork


Concept art - backgrounds

Concept art - characters

Sprite layout

Fantasy Zone II

Original artwork

US manual drafts

Planning document #1

Planning document #2


Fantasy Zone: The Maze

Original artwork

Fantasy Zone

Original artwork

Galactic Protector

Original artwork

Kinetic Connection

Original artwork

Monster World Selection

Wonder Boy

Original artwork for cover

Wonder Boy in Monster Land


Wonder Boy III

Original artwork


Phantasy Star Complete Collection

Phantasy Star

Original artwork for covers

Other original artwork

Concept art

Original manual artwork

Mega Drive version cover and manual

Japanese Master System version box and manual

Export version box

Promotional material

Phantasy Star Adventure

Character art

Box and manual

Phantasy Star Gaiden

Character art

Box and manual

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