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QBasic Game Gear Emulator...
Post Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2002 6:45 pm

i want to release some old files from my hard disc.
There is giGGle - a QBasic Sega Game Gear Emulator ;)
(I used QuickBasic v7.1 to compile it; easy to make a Master System Version)
and some Game Gear Tests.

I have three giGGle-versions:
- giGGle.exe (normal version, no Sound)
- giGGle (AdLib).exe (with AdLib Sound)
- giGGle (AdLib, Skip).exe (AdLib Sound and Frameskipping)

use: giGGle.exe ROMNAME

D-Pad - Cursor Keys
Button 1 - Ctrl
Button 2 - Alt
Start - Enter

Here are the files:
giGGle by (with Demos)
QuickBasic v7.1 (if you want to compile)

Post your impressions and opinions in this forum or e-mail me

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