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Paul Jensen (gym2mid/vgm2
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New gym2mid/vgm2mid Soon (Please Read)
Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2001 9:50 am

I just re-wrote the core of gym2mid from scratch, and the result is that it is now very clean, modular, and highly accurate. The YM2612 interpreter is almost ready to be integrated with vgm2mid, and once that happens, unfortunately it'll be time to say 'sayonara' to gym2id.

I've also made some major improvements to vgm2mid. PSG note accuracy is around 99%, but it still (likely indefinitely) lacks real noise support.

The last step now is to fix the code so that the output files work with soundcards other than the SBLive! series.

Please eMail me any comments, suggestions, or words of encouragement. ;)


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