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Original/Translated Korean SMS games
Post Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 1:45 am
I used gemer's list for the reference, and added something that I know.
I'll follow the standard romanization of Korean, but I added some dashes to make difference from original word and the linking word/linked two nouns.
For example, '화랑의 검' will be 'Hwarang-ui Geom', because the word '~의(ui)' means '~of something', like Japanese '~の(no)'

GB-2356 화랑의 검(Hwarang-ui Geom) SAMSUNG / SMS / B / WH
- It was discribed as "Kenseiden" in gemer's list.
Actually it's a Korean translated version of Kenseiden, and some game settings are changed.
Because this "Samurai" game was not so acceptable in Korea that time.
The hero changed to a Hwarang "웅(Ung)". Hwarang is the young warriors in 신라(Silla) kingdom,
and Silla kingdom is one of the three kingdoms in the ancient Korean history.
Also the Japanese map in the game changed into the Korean map.

* Pictures on my blog

Phantasy Star SAMSUNG / SMS / B / GB
- Korean translated version. everyone in here know it, right?

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - by SAMSUNG
- Translated into Korean.
Avalible only in a built-in game of Korean Version Master System 2.
It was named "겜보이 2(Gam-Boy 2)" originally, but changed to "알라딘보이(Aladdin Boy)" for some reasons.
Maybe I'll post that later.

개구장이 까치(Gaegujangi Kkachi) ZEMINA / KO? / B / H
- Means "Kkachi, a naughty boy".
Korean original action game.
It was discribed as "Mischievous Magpie" in the gemer's list.
The word 까치(Kkachi) means magpie(a bird) in Korean, but in this case 까치 used for the character's name.
It's a popular character from the comic books of 이현세(Hyeon-se Lee).
Kkachi is famous for his first TV animation "떠돌이 까치(Tteodori Kkachi - Kkachi the wanderer, 1987)", based on the comic book of same name.
It is also a first Korean TV-only animation.
(The very first Korean animation was a movie "홍길동(Hong Gil-dong)" in 1967.)

* Captures from animation "Tteodori Kkachi"

And the word "개구장이(Gaegujangi)" is actually a misspelled word(but in title screen, it written as above). Correct spell is 개구쟁이(Gaegujaengi).

아기공룡 둘리(Agigongnyong Dooly) DAOU INFOSYS / KO / B / H
- Means "Baby Dinosaur Dooly".
Korean original action game.
It was discribed as "Baby Dinosaur Druri" in the gemer's list.
Dooly is a famous Korean cartoon character by 김수정(Su-jeong Kim).

* Dooly official homepage

DS-G301 토토 월드 3(Toto World 3) OPEN / KO / B / H
- It was discribed as "DODO WORLD3" in the gemer's list.
Korean original action game. I wonder where's 1 and 2.

- Copy of Dr.MARIO.

장풍 2(Jangpung 2) CIECO / KO / B / H
- It was discribed as "Hand Wind II" in the gemer's list.
Copy of Street Fighter 2.
"Jang Pung" means an energy blow like the wind using the plams,
and it's famous by oriental fantasy novels and movies(recently Korean movie "Arahan", and some Chinese Kung-Fu movies show this move)
When Street Fighter 2 was released in Korea, many people don't know the actual name of special moves.
So they usually call Ryu's Hadoken(Fireball shoot) as "Jang Pung" because it's the simillar energy blow.
And the word "Jang Pung" also became popluar to the gamers, so the title named.

장풍 3(Jangpung 3) CIECO / KO / B / H
- It was discribed as "Hand Wind 3" in the gemer's list.
Sequel to Jangpung 2, but it features all original characters.
I wonder where's Jangpung 1...

* Pictures on my blog

The maker of Jang Pung series is "CIECO"

GL9411-RP4 삼국지 3(Samgukji 3) GAME LINE / KO / B / H
- It was discribed as " SANGOKUSI3" in the gamer's list.
"삼국지(Samgukji)" is a Korean pronounciation of the chinese character word 三國志,
and in Japan it pronounce as "Sankokushi".
It's the name of classic Chinese history-based novel "Romance of the three kingdoms".
The game is a fighting game with the novel characters.

- Copy of SUPER MARIO, also in MSX either.

- Copy of SUPER MARIO. A bit upgraded than SUPER BOY.
also an MSX version exists.

DS-G402 수호천사(Suho Cheonsa) OPEN / KO / B / H
- Means "Guardian Angel".
It was discribed as "PROTECTION ANGEL" in the gemer's list.
Korean original. Maybe a puzzle game.
I saw the box of the game few years ago, but couldn't play it.

달려라 피구왕(Dallyeora Pigu-Wang) ? / KO / B / H
- Means "Run Dodgeball King".
Of course, dodgeball game.
And this game shows the boom of dodgeball in middle of 90's in Korea.
In that time, Japanese animation "Honoh no tokyuji Dodge Danpei (炎の闘球児 ドッジ弾平) made a smash hit in Korea.
The name of animation changed to "피구왕 통키 (Pigu-Wang Tongki)' and Tongki (originally Danpei) is the name of the hero.
And the Megadrive game version of Dodge Danpei was released by Sega.
It is Japanese game, but some Korean sellers import them in the black market.
and turned it to an arcade machine(Megadrive bulit-in) and made a smash hit also.
This Korean SMS game is actually a copy of that MD game in Korea, so the game name "Pigu-Wang" was came from here.

And there's still many games that made in Korea originally in the gemer's list..
(Some makers like Samsung, Hicom, Zemina, Daou Infosys, Game Line are Korean)
But I can't write about the games which I don't know well.
If I get some informations of that unknown games, I'll post later.
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It is wonderful information.
Post Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 8:00 am
I will deliberately see it.
Thank you
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Post Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 11:42 am
very nice list - thank you so much!

There are also 2 "3-games-in-1" releases by Samsung that are basically korean originals.
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