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Quite a few stuff..
Post Posted: Fri Dec 31, 1999 12:33 am
Year 2000 is approaching. For some coincidental reasons we got a teaser of the end of the world, here in France. Very violents wind, floods and oil slick, all on the same time. 90 people died in the past few days. May they rest in peace. Now before suiciding yourself, remember it's purely coincidental. At least I hope.

Not a sufficient reason to prevent SMS Power from celebrating the upcoming new year. Before I talk about the releases, I would like to thanks everyone who supported us in the past few months and made it possible. Everyone's support is still and always welcome, we need it in order to continue. Not all games are dumped now, and the museum is far from being completed. If you have anything, read, anything, related to Sega 8-bit systems to donate, it's always welcome. People keep saying they only have common stuff. Well, we are missing a lot of things marked in people minds as common. Enough said ^_^

Today releases:

Earthworm Jim for the Game Gear. Truly a great platformer game, very well done with detailed animations and such. Also very fun. If you have never played this game (which was also released on Megadrive and PC, I believe) it is your chance too!

Exerion for the Sega Game 1000. A fun shooter with a weird, pseudo 3d background scrolling. If you like arcade games such as Galaga, you may want to play this one.

F16 Fighter & F16 Fighting Falcon for the Master System. Two differents versions of the same simulation game. This is one of the earliest game for the SMS, and in fact was not even planned to be released on it. Read more informations about it on the link above.

Gamebox Esportes Radicais for the Master System. The guys at Tectoy (Brasil) are really mad in their mind: this game is a stripped down version of California Games, with only two events left. At least the best one (BMX) is still here. Go and try to beat a record without crashing your head on a rock!

Nihonshi Nenpyou for the Sega Computer 3000. A direct translation tell us it means "Japanese History". So well, what could I say more? This is an educational program for the SC-3000 to learn about Japanese History. In Japanese of course. Most of the people won't be able to profit about it. But well, it's now on the net so our job is done :)

Panzer Dragoon Mini for the Game Gear. One of the last game to be released on this system in Japan. Released on the 22 November 1996, if you want to know precisely. This is a quite well done shooter based on the same game better known on Saturn. If you like shooters like Space Harrier, you'll love this one.

Q*Bert for the.. Othello Multivision! This is the first out of the eight games released for this weird system, which is in fact a Sega Game 1000 clone. Both systems are cartridge compatible. And of course the game will works on emulators supporting the SG-1000 (Meka not to name it). Should I describe it?

Terminator 2: Judgment Day for the Master System. Although the very most of the recent European SMS releases sucked, this one impressed me because of the very smooth animation. I wasn't very far in the game, but what I saw what quite fun. Punch them all!

And finally an alternate version of Ultima 4 for the Master System, probably the best true RPG ever made. If you want to know what is a long, hard and challenging RPG game, free yourself two hundred hours and go finish this one. Good luck.

Wow. It took me two hours to make the screenshots. Because I don't like working for nothing, remember it is way more enjoyable to *play games* than to collect them!
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