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VGMTool updated, plus...
Post Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2001 10:42 pm
VGMTool has been updated, to allow creation of rate-variable files (plus some other new stuff too). If you have existing files, just drop them onto the window, set the rate to 60 (if you recorded them at 60Hz) and click on Write. Remember that files have to be uncompressed though.


I also uploaded the program I use to compress VGMs... I wrote it myself while figuring out how to use GZips. You can drop a load of VGMs onto the program's icon in Windows and it will compress them all optimally to VGZs in the same folder, without deleting the originals.


I haven't updated the tools page to reflect this since I'm not sure if Bock's taken charge of that now or not.

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