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My SG1000 Emu
Post Posted: Sun Aug 22, 1999 7:33 pm
Don't laugh but I'm seriously going to code my SG1K
emulator...In QBasic. No, it's not a joke or a hoax, I'm
going to code my Sega Game 1000 emu in Qbasic. I'm sick of
taking hundreds of precautions and doing all of this
bullshit in C just so I can fall on my face with pointers
and all that other stuff. I choose Qbasic because it's
a language that i'm very, very comfortable with and
I'm taking a daily 45 minute class on it in school. That
gives me about 4 hours a week including weekends to work
on it. It's obvously not going to be the fastest, it's
probably not going to be the prettiest, but it's something
for me to do while I'm bored at school and at home.

Chris :o)
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Speed issue
Post Posted: Sun Aug 22, 1999 10:19 pm
Weren't you complaining about the speed problem of most emulators ?
It's ok to make it in QBasic, but keep in mind that it won't run at 100% on a Pentium 2.
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Re: Speed issue
Post Posted: Mon Aug 23, 1999 2:11 am
You're right. I did say that a while back. Speed is still a big issue but I'm going to change my mind set,
at least for development sake. I need to stop thinking speed and start thinking emulation. I need to
program for accuracy first. I need to make sure my codes work correctly before I make sure they work
fast, especially since this is my first "real" emulator and all. And I think this is what you've been telling me
or trying to show me ever since. Like Rocknes. Yes it's slow, yes it's simple, but it's damn accurate.
Almost up to par with Nesticle and Loopynes. Not to mention it's mapper compads. But, it still would
be nice to code things faster, ya know? Mabye if I can get a couple of games running via bruit force
I'll go back and either optomize like a bitch or recode it in C. At least I will understand more about
the low-level part of emulation. To summarize everything, I'm coding in Qbasic to learn and
understand the many different parts emulation better. When I have a grasp on that, then I'll move
on to bigger things like C/C++, a little GUI, mabye even SMS emulation.

Chris :o)
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