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SSF again
Post Posted: Sat Jul 31, 1999 7:18 pm
These are just some general observations and opinions
I have on this subject
Castlevania2.nsf 16.8 kb "all songs"
cv2_forest.nsa created by A/nes 18kb "1 song forest"
castlevania2forest.snd psg file by ines 29.7kb "1 song forest"
btw mgdos also saves files into snd/psg format if thats what you are
looking for "an easy way to save classical sms and gg music"
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Didn't you read "For Ziggy's Eyes Only"?
Post Posted: Sat Jul 31, 1999 11:21 pm
If not read it. It has something I've been trying to tell you for the past week.

Chris :o)
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