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View topic - Has anyone tried the GGFM mod?

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Has anyone tried the GGFM mod?
Post Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:47 am
Long story short, I recently attempted to repair my VA1 single asic variant GG and found out the motherboard is fubar, it was in worse shape than I had previously remembered. Whoever recapped it long ago when I bought it really scorched the hell out of the solder pads which surprised me that it even functioned as long as it did after buying it.

I had heard of a guy that reverse engineered the original vintage boards and recreated a modern pcb to save the asics of old broken GGs and when I browsed his shop I noticed he also had an optional "GGFM" sound module that appears to make any GG installed with it sound like a handheld MK-2000.

I thought this was amazing so I ordered one, its one of my goals for this year; fix my stupid broken GG, challenge my soldering skills to the next level and make it a modernized super GG. At best I succeed and make something amazing, at worst I break something even further, not too big of a loss. I've learned that patience is one of the main keys to soldering so I'm definitely gonna try to be as careful as possible.

I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of and/or tried this mod, if so whats your take on it? Is there any advice I need to follow? Try to explain it in layman's terms for me if possible, I'm still a novice to the deeper levels of hardware.

Here's a link to the page for anyone interested:
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