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View topic - GG no red light after wrong power supply

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GG no red light after wrong power supply
Post Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2023 10:46 am
A few weeks ago I recapped a GG.
It worked 100%.
But it has been power on with a 12v power supply with polarity reversed.
That blew up the power board.
I attached another good working powerboard , but now the GG does not turn on anymore.
No red light , only the backlight comes up.
I followed the tutorial from retrosix trying to find the fault.
Everything, the traces , the voltages are normal, but I do not have a osciloscoop.
I tried finding by heat sensor but no component is getting hot

Question: which component on the Mainboard could be damaged ?
How to find it by measuring or any other suggestions are welcome.

Kind regards
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