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View topic - PSA for Othello Multivision owners

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PSA for Othello Multivision owners
Post Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2023 8:37 am
I just acquired an Othello Multivision recently and it arrived today. At first I thought of tearing it down for a thorough cleaning, but when I tried removing the screws, one of them made a loud *crunch* as if I was breaking the screw boss. Needless to say I backed off on that and just wiped it down instead. It's gotten very yellowed over the years and I'm starting to think the plastic is degrading at this point. A friend of mine also has a similar issue with his.

So as a PSA for any Multivision owners, please exercise caution when trying to disassemble it and I'd advise keeping some super glue or epoxy at the ready...
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Post Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2023 9:38 am
It's a shame making new shells is probably too expensive. I hope the repairs aren't too difficult.
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Post Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2023 9:45 pm
I think I'm the friend mentioned in the OP. Unfortunately my Multivision is very badly cracking, along with the live hinges in the keyboard disintegrating. The joystick is flopping around and unusable. It seems like the plastic has shrunken around the screws.

I'll probably try a few techniques to fix the outer case with fibreglass-reinforced resin, but I don't have a good fix for the keyboard. Best idea is that I end up taking a bunch of measurements and making something like a mechanical keyboard PCB? It's been a low priority as I don't have any Multivision specific games other than the BIOS.
othello-multivision-cracked-post-rear.jpg (45.97 KB)
Internally sheared screw post from being shrunken
othello-multivision-busted-s2-key.jpg (88.38 KB)
Broken live hinges on the keyboard plastic
othello-multivision-top-case-crack.jpg (60.81 KB)
Through and through top case crack from shrinking laterally

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