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View topic - Dumping "Super Game 52 Hap (슈퍼게임52합)"

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Dumping "Super Game 52 Hap (슈퍼게임52합)"
Post Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2022 5:43 pm
Last edited by bsittler on Tue Jan 17, 2023 5:19 am; edited 3 times in total
(i previously had some nonsense in here about #20 being the wrong mapper, but that was due to a bug in my dumper script. #20 is correct after all!)

Previous work on the Korean BFFC mapper paid off! Was able to dump this cartridge using the same Squirrel script as before, and a recent meka build ran it correctly (including being able to launch and play games) with no patching required!

I've been calling it "Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR)", however the actual name is partly written in Hangul:

SUPER GAME 52합 [top label; the "52합" is enlarged & between "SUPER" and "GAME"]
슈퍼게임 52합 ("Super Game 52 hap", i.e. "Super Game 52 Total" or "Super Game 52 Combo") [front label]
슈퍼게임 ("Super Game") [menu title]

Cartridge is white and front label has a picture of a blue-clad superhero with a red cape and a red S on the chest jumping or flying upward from a yellow blast which contains the "52합"; "슈퍼" ("Super") in red and "게임" ("Game") in green are also drawn with a darker green trail that passes beneath the blast. Landscape in the background has a yellow/green/blue sky, brown hills, blue clouds, and yellow highlights. There are no other markings or writing on the outside of the cartridge. I did not attempt to open it.

Fingerprint info:

1.0M 'Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR).sms'
Checking for export header with matching CRC... NO
sha256:af2822e40a46e32cb7ceaa5e54708b23554bd01f673c06a217c42dd5a8745535 Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR).sms
sha1:52f7cffa8e306fce02badc1d9bc1d63b72de1f9d Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR).sms
md5:8b409b5f4a5dc0a79ed3593a8cd6f8db Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR).sms
mekacrc:82F73F4413D9CF49 Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR).sms
crc32:a841c0b7 Super Game 52 Hap ~ Super Game (KR).sms

This 1MB multicart uses the same Korean BFFC mapper as Super Game 200 - 200 Hap ~ Super Game and several others. It already runs correctly in recent builds of meka.

The menu has 52 entries spread over three screens.

Game 1 is Pit Pot
Game 52 is Yamato

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