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FS: Boxed Sega Mark III Master System with many mods
Post Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 12:43 am
Boxed Modded Sega Mark III Master System Lot: $450 USD shipped to U.S. or Canada.

This Mark III Master System has the following mods:

RGB upgrade

Quality S-Video + left/right audio jacks

Supports Genesis 3 & 6-button pads

Sega Genesis Start button = Pause button

Auto-fire for button 2 can be turned on/off using a Genesis controller

New bright Power LED changes from green to blue when in Genesis controller mode

Includes the console, high quality 3rd party power supply (more reliable than Sega's), Packapunch RGB cable (not the one pictured), RF switch, stock (unpealed) controller, SMS-to-Mark III cart adapter and pictured box, docs and baggies.

Here are RGB captured videos of Phantasy Star with FM sound and the auto-fire mode toggled back and forth in Wonderboy:

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