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Golden Axe Warrior questions
Post Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2022 3:43 pm
New user. Made an account to ask this question.

So for any collectors out there with a copy of Golden Axe Warrior....

I just got this game, and noticed some odd things about the front/back labels on the cart. At first I thought I may have been sold a fake, but upon closer inspection with other copies being sold online and comparing pics on SegaRetro, it seems there are some differences in the printings of Golden Axe Warrior labels versus other games' labels, and just wanted to verify with others who may own the game. I've posted pics of my copy versus a copy of Rastan I own.

Notice the thicker black grid on GAW. The Sega logo also isn't quite as "thick" or "bolded" as on Rastan. The back label also shows a completely different font.

Another thing I noticed with my copy is the grids on the cover background. On all my other SMS games, the grid has a silvery sheen, but on Golden Axe Warrior, it is flat grey color.

A final thing I noticed is the texture of the manual paper. It's a bit rougher and coarser (think standard office paper) than the other manuals I own, which are more glossy in texture. Can this also be verified by another owner?

Granted, I only own about half-a-dozen SMS games, and Golden Axe Warrior is different in these regards to the other games I own.
jwf7tr0gxyg91.jpg (733.48 KB)
4hntwr0gxyg91.jpg (774.58 KB)
Left is Rastan, right is Golden Axe Warrior

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Post Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2022 4:15 pm
There are similar differences between my Renegade and Vigilante carts, and one of them has security screws rather than crossheads. They're both legit.

Both have the non-glossy manuals too but some of my games have the glossy ones.

I think it was common to make revisions and change materials, note the Sega logo has an (R) mark on one but not the other.
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Back.jpg (248.53 KB)

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