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View topic - Selling almost complete sega game gear jap game collection.

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Selling almost complete sega game gear jap game collection.
Post Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 11:53 pm
Hi all

Sorry if this is not a good place to advertise, please feel free to remove my post if this is the case but I thought I would like to let the sega game gear community know that my sega game gear jap collection will be auctioned online very shortly. I was thinking starting listings on eBay as soon as Sunday 16th Jan and spreading them over 6 weeks hopefully ending on 27th Feb. Shipping worldwide and combined shipping i will not be using eBay GSP.

I believe my collection has all the rarest games and a few are brand new sealed. I am missing I think around 15 or so of the meisaku version's but take a look and correct me if I am wrong.

I would be willing to sell as a whole bundle if the price was right but I am not willing to sell separate on offers as I believe the price charting websites to not be correct for a_lot of these games as they were sold quite some time ago now and obviously they have gained more value since the last sales. Also a_lot of the games are not listed on there and thefore can not get a reliable price so I would rather them stay on auction instead of taking private offers, unless it was for the whole set that is.

I also have some accessories that are like new or are new i will probably list these also and add images over the coming days.

I maybe also missing a game or two from the list i will ammend this if anything is not correct.

Here is also a full list (some names maybe incorrect as i do not understand japanese) :

17 in 1 Extremely Rare
Aa Harimanada -Very Good
Addams Family - Good
Aerial Assault -Like New
Aladdin -New Sealed
Aleste 2 - Good
GG Aleste -Very Good
Alien Syndrome - Good
Aliens 3 -New & Sealed
Arliel Crystal Warriors -Very Good
Axe Battler - Good
Baku Baku Animal -Very Good
Bare Knuckles 2 - Good
Bare knuckles - Good
Bart vs The World -New & Sealed
Batman Forever -Very Good
Batman Returns - Good Very Small Dent Barely Noticeable
Batter up very - Good
Batter up -Very Good
Battletoads - Good
Battletoads - Very Good
Berlin Wall- Like new
Buster Ball -Very Good
Buster Fight - Very Good
Chase H. Q - Good
Chuck Rock - Good
Coca Cola Kid -Very Good
Columns -New Sealed
Crash Dummies - Good
Crayon Shin Chan -Like New
Defenders Of Oasis -Very Good
Devilish - Good
Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck - Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Deep Duck Trouble Donald Duck - Very Good
Doraemon Nora No Suke - Good
Doraemon Waku Waku Pocket Paradise -Very Good
Dragon Crystal - Very Good
Dunk Kids - Good
Dynamite Headdy - Good Slight Crease Down Box
Ecco The Dolphin - Good
Ecco The Dolphin - Very Good
Eternal Legends - Good
FIFA International Soccer - Like New
Face Ball - Like New But Sticker On Front
Fantasy Zone Gear - Very Good
Fatal Fury Special - Very Good
Foreman For Real - Very Good
Fray - Like New
Fred Couples Golf - New Sealed
G-Loc - Very Good
G-Sonic - Very Good
GP Rider - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Galaga 91 - Good
Galaga 91 - Good Slight Tear On Right Corner
Gamble Panic - Very Good
Gambler Jiko Chuushinha - Good Wear To Box
Gambler Jiko - Good
Ganbare Gorby Factory Panic - New Sealed
Godzilla - Like New
Godzilla - Very Good
Griffin - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Gunstar Heroes - Good
Halley Wars - Good Small Dent In Side
Head Buster - Good Condition Some Dents Crease Left Side Of Box
Heavy Weight Champ - Like New
Honoo No Toukyuuji - Good
House Of Tarot - Good
House Of Tarot - Very Good
Hyper Pro Yak You 92 - Very Good
Hypkkori Hypntanjima - Very Good
Inu Dai Suki Pet Club - Like New
J League GGro Striker 94 - Very Good
J League Pro striker 94 - Good wear To Box
J League Soccer Dream Eleven - Like New
Joe Montana Football - Good
Joe Montana Football - Acceptable, Missing Inner
Junction - Good Slight Wear To Box
Jurassic Park - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Kaitou Saint Tail - Very Good
Kenyuu Deusetsu Yaiba - New Sealed
Kick & Rush - Very Good
Kinetic Connection - Good
Kuni Chan - Good, Some Creases
Kuni Chan 2 - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Last Bible Megami Tensi - Like New
Last Bible Special - Good
Lemmings - Good
Lion King - Like New
Lunar Sanpro - Good
Mado Monogatari puyo puyo
Mado Monogatori Doki Doki Vacation - Like New
Madou Monogatari 3 Sorcery Saga - Very Good
Madou Monogatari - Very Good
Magical Puzzle Popils - Very Good
Magical Tararuto Kun - Good
Mappy - Very Good
McDonald’s Donald In A Magical World - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Mickey Mouse Castle Of Illusion - Very Good
Mickey Mouse Land Of Illusion - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Mickey Mouse Legend Of Illusion - Like New
Moldorian - Like New
Moldorian - New Sealed
Monster World Wonder Boy 3 Dragons Trap - Good
Mordorian - New Sealed
Mortal Kombat 2 - Good
Mortal Kombat - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
NBA Jam - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
NFL Quarterback Club - Very Good
Nazo Puyo 2 - Good
Nazo Puyo Arle No Roux - Good
Neko Dai Suki Pet Club - Like New
Ninja Gaiden - Very Good
Ninku 2 - Very Good
Ninku Gaiden - Good
Ninku - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Nomos World Series Baseball - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Olympic Gold Barcelona 92 - Very Good
Olympic Gold -Very Good
Olympics - Good
Outrun - Very Good
Pac-Man - Very Good
Panzer Dragoon - Good
Pengo - Good Slight Creasing To The Box
Phantasy Star Adventure - Very Good
Phantasy Star - Very Good
Pocket Jansou - Very Good
Pop Breaker - Good
Popeye - New Sealed
Portrait Boy Yuuki Akira - Very Good
Portrait Girl Pai Chan - Good
Pro Yakut GG League 94 - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Pro Yakyuu GG League - Very Good
Pro Yakyuu 91 - New and Sealed
Psychic World - Very Good
Putt & Putter - Very Good
Puyo Puyo - Good
Puyo Puyo Tau 2 - Very Good
Puzzle & Action Ichidant -R - Like New
Puzzle & Action Tant -R - Like New
Puzzle Bobble - Very Good
Quiz Gear Fight - Very Good
Rastan Saga - New Sealed But seal has a rip in it the box is immaculate just the plastic seal that is torn on front of box.
Rayearth 2 - Good
Rayearth - Very Good
Riddick Rowe Boxing - Very Good
Ristar The Shooting Star - Good
Robocop 3 - New and Sealed
Royal Stone - Like New
SD Gundam Winner History - Very Good
Sailor Moon - Like New
Samurai Shodown - Very Good
Scratch Gold - New Sealed
Shanghai 2 - Good
Shanghai Meisaku Collection - Like New
Shi Kin Joh - Good Crease Down Side Of Box
Shining Force Ensei Jashin - Very Good
Shining Force Final Conflict - Good
Shining Force The Sword Of Hajya -Very Good
Shinobi 2 - Good
Shinobi The GG - Good
Skweek - Very Good
Slam Dunk - New Sealed
Solitaire Poker - Like New
Sonic & Tails 2 - Very Good
Sonic & Tails - New Sealed
Sonic Drift 2 - Good Slight Dent In Box
Sonic Drift - New Sealed
Sonic Labyrinth - Like New
Sonic The Hedgehog - Good Some Wear To Box
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Like New
Soukoban - Like New
Space Harrier - Very Good
Stargate - Sealed Like New
Stargate - Very Good
Super 6 in 1 - Good
Super Battle Tank - Like New
Super Monaco GP - Very Good
Super Monaco GP - Like New
Super Columns - Like New
Super Golf- New Sealed
Super Momotarou Dentetsu 3 - Good
Super Smash TV - Good
Sylvan Tale - Like New
Sylvan Tale - Like New
T2 Terminator - Good Slight Crease In Box
Tails Adventure - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Tails Skypatrol - Very Good
Taisen Mahjong Haopai 2 - Good
Taisen Majong Haopai - Very Good
Tama & Friends - Like New Like New Looks like its never been opened.
Tatakae Pro Yakyuu Twin League - Like New
Tempo Jr - Very Good
Terminator 2 Judgement Day - Good
Tom & Jerry The Movie - Very Good
Torarete Tamaruka - Very Good
True Lies - Like New
Ultimate Soccer - Good No Manual, Wear To The Box
Ultimate Soccer - Like New
Vampire In Wake Of Darkness - Good
Virtual Fighter Mini - Good
Wimbledon - Like New
Wonder Boy - Good
Woody Pop - Very Good
World Derby - Very Good
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2 - Like New
Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Very Good
Zan Gear - Very Good
Zenki Kishin Douji - Good
Zool - Good
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 10:30 pm
Multiple copies of your games are not original releases. You might want to make sure to add that information to your auctions.
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