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View topic - SR1000 or SK1100 audio input emulation

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SR1000 or SK1100 audio input emulation
Post Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2022 8:52 pm
Hi all

I have been looking for that in the forum but I don`t find anything clear. It seems that lot of expert people (Bock, Maxim and other) were discussing about how to emulate the tape peripherical and its encoding.
My questtion is: could just be emulated the IC5 HIC-1 chip for the analog input of SK1100 device?I don't find information about it, but maybe it can be found inside other MSX schamatics.
The 8255 PPI chips is well described in the development section of this website.
MEKA would be listening to the Windows audio input (or the currently playing one) and passing the analog input value to this new software emulation functionality at an addecuate sample rating.

This way, the end-user of Meka would load a Basic ROM, write the LOAD command, play a WAV file and wait some minutes :-)

Am I missing something? is it too may difficult or non-viable? or is it implemented and I do not know to to run it?

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