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View topic - 3 prototypes: Streets of Rage 2 (GG), Dead Angle (SMS), Thunder Blade (SMS)

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3 prototypes: Streets of Rage 2 (GG), Dead Angle (SMS), Thunder Blade (SMS)
Post Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 10:27 pm
We have three new prototypes for release today!

A prototype of Streets of Rage II for the Game Gear

This appears to be a fairly late prototype as Greenalink reviwed it and couldn't find many differences. A word from them:

Hello readers,
As a die-hard fan who played the game to not only 1 Credit Clear the game on Hard but also speedran it at European Speedrunner Assembly charity events a few years ago, I was really interested to see if I can spot anything different.

First, I had a look and checked if the cheats still work. The method for the final build is to set BGM at 14 and set SE at 21, then whilst highlighting SE, hold [1]+[2] then press up to refresh the option menu to unlock level select, invincibility and higher starting lives (originally 5 now can go up to 9). Doing the same method on the prototype build doesn't work which makes me wonder if this is a near 100% build as the main game itself is very identical.

From my playthrough as Axel, I didn't noticed anything different. The SoR2 GG quirks from final build are still in the prototype build including stamina differences (Skate dying to an explosion) and always facing left when walking upwards.

The only mode I couldn't test properly is multiplayer due to the lack of a good Game Gear emulator (from my knowledge) and lacking 2 Everdrive carts to test it on real hardware.

Fun facts about Game Gear SoR2 if you haven't played this entry.

* This is the first true appearance of Star Specials (27 years before Streets of Rage 4), the input method is to stand still and hold the attack button for a few seconds then release it when your character is in a charging pose, they are all very deadly moves and great against bosses. Axel is a direct hit fireball and is the strongest out of the three whereas Blaze and Skate star specials are full screen but deal slightly less damage than Axel's.

* This is the only version of Streets of Rage 2 to only have 1 type of aerial attack, just like all 3 versions of Streets of Rage 1.

* Axel's jumping attack sprite is using his knee to harm enemies which is identical to his Streets of Rage 1 counterpart.

* The stat stamina actually means something, Axel takes the least amount of damage whereas Skate takes more damage than Axel/Blaze to the point he can lose 100% of his life from an explosion caused by destroying a robot.

* HP bars from the enemies are only used for mid-bosses and major bosses. This rule isn't consistent as the boss refights in Round 6's elevator room do not reveal their HP bar.

* You don't lose HP at all for using either offensive or defensive specials, making the game notably easier than the Master System version.

* Big Ben (fat guys) have very little screen time, only appearing in 3 sections of Round 4.

* Because Star Specials are executed by holding the attack button, the "instant combo ender" attack doesn't work in this version.

* Moving up or down will always force the character to face left.

Thanks Greenalink for the details on Game Gear Streets of Rage 2. Check their Youtube channels
for various play-through of GG/SMS SOR1 and SOR2.

(This prototype is part of a collection of loose EPROMs recovered by the Video Game History Foundation on behalf of an anonymous collector. This lot contained prototypes from various systems and SMS Power! are releasing the Sega 8-bit ones on behalf of VGHF.

Our second prototype release today is A prototype of Dead Angle for the Master System.

Our third prototype release is A Japanese cart Prototype of Thunder Blade for the Master System, kindly dumped and shared to us by HoverEel in this thread. HoverEel kindly agreed for us to make a news post to increase visibility of this release.

This has 218 bytes of difference with the final export release.

We'll be posting more prototypes later!

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Post Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 10:28 pm
This message will auto destruct itself someday.

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