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PGA TOUR Golf (Master System)
Post Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:16 pm
This topic contains reviews of PGA TOUR Golf.
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:07 pm
Some opinions on the game PGA Tour Golf for the Master System (PAL):

I bought it lately with its box and manual, after playing enough with the original Mega Drive version, a game that is well known as one great golf game still nowdays imho. Obviously the power of the Mega Drive cpu permit a much more realistic engine not only for the real time calculated full screen 3D course without any waiting time but also for the physic of the ball itself and the precision.
But still this Master System version is also a quite difficult simulation game that usually I'd not expect on this console, soon I'll receive World Class Leaderboard and I think it will be interesting to compare the gameplay.

Anyway IMHO these are good points of PGA Tour Golf for SMS:

-The game/menu try to mantain enough well many of the features of the Mega Drive version, with tournaments, driving ranges, different courses
-The gameplay is similar with wind, clubs, a similar 3D windowed course
-The graphic is nice and thinking back to the 1991 it must have been really good, the player sprite is quite big and smooth and the simulation try to be just as frustrating as the MD version.. or the real game (for who played golf you should know :D)
-The sound while limited is similar from the famous Mega Drive tune in a PSG format and it's nice to hear it in the menu and the course presentation (only...)

The not that good points:
-Menu and introduction feels a bit on the "cheap/light" side of the older SMS games, with no much artwork into it (I prefer the initial animation of Golfamania) and feels like cart space has been saved
-While the simulation idea is nice to have on the SMS, it sometimes gets really difficult to understand where the ball will end up cause the movements of the white ball white dot in the 3D background sometimes not feel like it "match". A millimeter more on the right / left sometimes seems to move much much more the final direction, considering how much you can still move the target.
Also similar happens in the green when it looks like the ball is going really close or really far and at the end it does not looks like it's there, like some sort of approximation limitations of the cpu calculations and the 3D pixel resolution. Also simulation on the green feels not as good as the MD one (beside the 3D lines of the green are nice ! )
-The 3D world is only in a window probably for rendering time problems (maybe like 4/5 seconds depending on the on-screen objects the in-game frame calculation while the player sprite is nice and smooth) and there're a lot of space on the right for just few informations. Maybe it'd have been better to wait for a later release and optimize the engine for a fullscreen course. Also it lacks somehow deepness on the 3D world, like it's seen through a sort of not-wide angle lens.
-The wind.. while I understand it try to increase difficulty, it looks like the player is playing everytimes in a really wrong day, with the wind direction moving so much you have not much time to launch the ball that it change direction again, similar to what I've felt on PGA Tour Golf 2 for the Mega Drive. (I'm playing it in the menu professional mode)
-Sound in the game course is limited to menus and course presentation and some few in-game effects; maybe some more in-game sounds like birds sounds somehow similar to the FM Mega Drive ones could have been enough because sometimes I feel like the TV is mute.

I'll update/edit when I'll play more but beside not feel perfect, it's still a very good simulation game I like and I'd agree with the scores of the reviews in the 90's. I imagine that with more experience in the gameplay I will appreciate it even more.
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