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Sonic Blast / G-Sonic (G・ソニック) (Game Gear)
Post Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 6:53 am
This topic contains reviews of Sonic Blast / G-Sonic (G・ソニック).
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Sonic Blast Review
Post Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:51 pm
Sonic Blast (known as G Sonic in Japan) is a platformer for the Sega Game Gear. It was also ported to the Master System by Tec Toy in Brazil. This was the last first party in title for the Game Gear.

Although the names are similar, Sonic 3D Blast has nothing much in common with this, except that the Sonic on the cover looks the same. In Sonic Blast, Sonic and Knuckles have teamed up to find the 5 Chaos Emeralds and defeat Dr. Robotnik at Silver Castle.

What makes this game unique among the other Sonic platformers on the console is the ability to play as Knuckles, making the game similar to Sonic and Knuckles for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Also, in addition to Knuckles being able to glide, Sonic can do a double jump, which was first used in Sonic 3 with an electricity shield. What I find interesting is when you complete the game, it shows a video that looks like the Death Egg crashing into the water, but there is no reference to the Death Egg in the manual.

There are only 5 zones, making this game kind of short. Luckily, there are special stages to make it longer. To get a chaos emerald, find the giant ring in the Second Act of each zone and get 50 rings in the special stage. Collecting all the emeralds allows you to play the Final Boss.

The game uses Pre-Rendered sprites to make it look a bit 3D. However, this made the sprites too big on the screen which is kind of annoying for such a small screen. Most people consider the Pre-Rendered graphics ugly, although they really aren't that bad.

To summarise this, Sonic Blast is a good addition to the Sonic series on Game Gear that adds many new features, but is a bit short and easy. The best thing would probably be the ability to play as Knuckles. The worst thing would probably be how you only lose 10 rings at a time, making this not very challenging. Definitely worth trying though. 4 Stars.
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