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View topic - What was your first experience with a Sega Master System?

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Post Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2023 9:59 pm
When I was really young (more or less 3/4 years) my brother got a VIC20 and I was really in love with that kind of machines. He was (badly) programming games reding the BASIC code from computer magazine's lists but my eyes were litterally glowing for Raid on Fort Knox, Rat Race and a game where you must shot at clouds were kinds of blue/red bees were flying around (I cannot remeber that game's name). I was too young to turn that computer on and operate it myself so after 1 year it got fogotten (and when I found it back at the age of 16 it was "black screen" and it was given to a friend of my father).

When I was 6 I was really desiring a nes with its' "rob" but suddenly, when I went to my friend Alessio's house, who lived in front of us, I saw for the 1st time a Master System with Space Harrier ! It was love at 1st sight but we could not afford one... until the next year ! My 1st games were Hang On, Fantasy Zone, Enduro Racer, Spy vs Spy, Ghost House and Thunder Blade (and of course the hidden Snail Maze!). Later I got Y's (that now should be in Omar Cornut's hands... I sent it to him many years ago) and I exchanged games with other friends of my town. I remember Asterix, Castle of Illusion, California Games, Sonic, Pro Wrestling, Choplifter, Alex Kidd The Lost Stars, but I spent a lot of time on Kung fu Kid, Time Soldiers, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Alex Kidd in Shinoby World, Psycho Fox and Wonder boy The Dragon's Trap.

I was very lucky to have many friends with a Master System and then everything changed when I was in New York with my father... the 1st GENESIS was there ! We bought one but it was NTSC and in Europe it was black&wite only... later I bough an EUR version and with almost the same friends we had marvellous evenings ! We also managed to record game endings on VHS ! Greent times that will be no more ^_^'
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