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[VGM Pack] Jang Pung II (GG)
Post Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:20 pm
Based on the GG Version. It runs in sms compatibility mode, so it's likely identical to its sms counterpart, but i didn't check (never found a copy). So it's not tagged that way.

The Game:
Looks: Like SF II (sprites, not backgrounds)
Sounds: Like Carnival Music
Plays: Terribly (horrible control/hit detection)

Since there are only 6 characters to choose from, they cycle in another two after you beat the other 5. Maybe they wanted to make it a bit more like the original, with two tiers of fighting, but afaik nothing changes. It did pick the two i had most difficutly with, but I wasn't motivated to see if there was actually some scorekeeping involved. Probably not.

There are no credits, the game just transitions from the ending song to the title screen.

Now at 1.00
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