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[VGM Pack] Shadow of the Beast (SMS)
Post Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:59 am

I remember looking at this way back. Only has two tracks.

Sound function is at 130F. It either loads a with 00 or 02 or loads a value from $DA56 and uses a trigger at $DADB. You don't seem to be able to trigger id 00 only the looping values. . Odd values work, though not well, possibly since it seems to discard high bits, so 80 or 82 work as well. The first theme increases and loops at id 01.

Rather than relying on IDs, the game uses a lot of inc a to change the value. This is possibly since there are only two themes, and they tend to alternate sections, regardless of the section length. Only two bosses get music different than the general area. The last boss is not one of them.

Thankfully I had a youtube playthrough to rely on for song use, or I might not have worked on it.

The music is based on the amiga version by David Whittaker. He's done other work on the SMS. They're arrangements, and lack the full richness of the original rhythms and textures. I've seen the music described as new agey, though I don't know if I would agree with that.

This version of welcome is a bit more minimalist, reminding me a bit of Philip Glass' "Opening". Each loop is longer than the first theme including loop.

50hz rip. Now at 1.00
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