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[VGM Pack] Ms. Pac-Man (GG)
Post Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:56 pm
Quick pack, nothing to loop. Just realized there is an SMS version. Unless it's based on the Brazilian Rom, the exisitng SMS pack seems to have been logged at 60hz rather than the proper 50hz. The songs between the console formats sound different anyway, and the two player feature is not too interesting in its implementation on the GG.

The GG version also neglects to separate the game into formal "Acts" and also does not have the end theme (or ending). If it exists it is hidden ala Marble zone in sonic. I have not checked. All music ids have been logged. Upon completion (level 34), the game merely infinite loops back to level 25 without notice. The sms version clumsily notifies you if you wish to continue or end your game. It ends at level 64 and sends you back to level 32. So maybe the GG opted out of the extra long post 3rd act levels and opted to just infinite loop a smaller amount. They cut off the ending though, and the music id doesn't seem to exist. The GG has odd ids every other value starting at 27 while the sms is 01-05.

I may check the roms to see if the song data can be found in the future.
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