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[VGM Pack] Golvellius (SMS) (FM)
Post Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:25 pm

This pack has been on the table since Feb. I was determined to get through the pack, but I kept getting discouraged. I finally decided to finish it no matter what. The main reason I wanted it done was because this game has rather beautiful FM music. The melancholic impression of the intro is more pronounced when heard with FM instruments, and was the main reason I wanted to play this game.

I borrowed titles from the existing pack since they matched what little I played, and I am not too familiar with this game.

Some tracks add effects to certain sections upon repetition. I used my judgement to trim where appropriate. The existing psg pack abridges the "First cave" theme which has form ABA'C (A'BA'C) where A' mainly adds effects. (It loops at B and fades after C). Not sure if this is the result of error or intentional. I had it loop at B and fade out after A' (~16s longer). Among the tracks, If there is a significant difference in length between loops, there's a good chance something like this is the reason.

Gameplay wise, the game is decent. Graphics are interesting, especially in the scrolling levels. The ending is..a little silly compared to the somber opening. Compile knows how to the use the sound chip in their games. A lot of companies use the FM chip rather poorly, in some cases sounding worse than the PSG counterpart.

This pack features the worst traits in a pack- Only 3 tracks had detectable loops, but only one was usable. Everything required me to go through and use vgm2txt as my primary source of analysis. Even if this had been a psg pack it would have been difficult and very time consuming. FM made it a bit worse. A lot of judgement calls-basically everything I dislike about working with vgms. Some tracks took an inordinately long amount of time to process in a way I felt acceptable. Over all, this took many hours over several days. I haven't had to work this much on a pack since I first started, and this reminded me why I eventually found the trade unpalatable. But it is finished and hopefully someone likes it.

Real composer names were used where known. A couple of sources associate Masatomo Miyamoto with Myam/Myarmo and Shant, but I found it more credible that Shant is Takeshi Santo rather than a double alias for Miyamoto. Santo did music for several games, but was soon replaced by his sister. So later games may refer to her by that alias. I've never been able to find out who Shin-Kun and Pazu refer to, but their names pop up in several compile games.

Now at version 1.00
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