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[VGM Pack] Double Dragon (GG)
Post Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:36 am

Started working on this pack a while back when I submitted vgm packs for Dragon. I could tell by ear that the music was likely to be by Furniss or someone using Hollingworth's engine. I was working on the GG version and had not looked to see his name listed on the SMS version. I was happy to find confirmation when I beat the game and saw the credits.

That's when I came across this game. No credits available on this or other sites. I was sure it was Furniss but couldn't prove it. Fortunately a contact was able to ask directly. At first he denied it, but presenting him with a sample track jogged his memory, and he admitted he HAD composed the music for this game. Not bad for a hunch, a little time, and the cost of making a vgm. Thanks to Doommaster1994 for help confirming. Apparently they forgot to credit him.

Considered one of worse games in the franchise, many stages, but controls leave a bit to be desired. An interesting last boss, mediocre storyline (not uncommon for the time) and you have a game that few seem to know about. Titles are a bit clever, and reveal their western origin. Websites seem to confound the GG/SMS versions even though they are completely different. There is a faq connected to this game, but it is actually based on the SMS version.

The music is pretty nice, if a bit self similar at times and there is some reuse. Not too much though. I put off working on this pack for a while, and happy to finally bring it here. All tracks looped perfectly save the Credits, which wasn't too hard to figure. Overall an easy pack. Tags took more work, especially as I put some effort into keeping track of IDs, use, and adding japanese tags which I usually omit (not my forte).

Played high into the third level, then found the level code at C04E. You can edit it after it boots into the logo and the next screen will match its id. Valid are 0x04 (Level I start) to 0x18 (Credits).

Logged from the screen after the sega logo. You can either freeze the Timer at C00F, or nop out 34E-50. I set a breakpoint in meka and used the pause button and savestates to load right at the id loading point at 291C. Normally I get a frame of two of silence, but the Hollingworth engine seems to have a bit more latency built into it. Tracks start at 4410 samples in, but I trimmed that out in the final product although it is still too short to really be obvious -10s. This is probably true of other similar games. It's been so long since I worked on other Krisalis vgms, I cannot say for sure.

Fully Trimmed, Tagged, and Ready. Enjoy.
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