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Gain Ground (Master System)
Post Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:08 pm
This topic contains reviews of Gain Ground.
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Post Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:41 pm
Gain Ground... In theory a very promising game. 1-2 players clear 50 stages of bizarre monsters and obstacles. Each player controls a team of either guys (player 1) or girls (player 2), and each team member has special abilities and attacks. Along the way you can pick up new members with new skills.

I remember how I once rented Gain Ground for the weekend. A friend and I played it a lot and had quite some fun.

Playing it again, I'm actually shocked at the poor quality! I was so ready to love the good old game, but it is actually super slow, and super-duper flickering, and really annoying. It seems to me that some sub-optimal choices in graphics handling must have been made along the way. Yes, we got quite a lot of bullets and enemies on the screen, but it is nothing compared to i.e. Power Strike which handles its graphics much smoother. And faster.

I think the main idea/concept in Gain Ground is excellent, but it seems like it is poorly executed. This game needs to be remade by a team consisting of some of the guys that made Power Strike, together with some of the guys that made Gauntlet. As it is now, Gain Ground has some of the elements of both of these games, but not in a very convincing way.

If I had never played Gain Ground as a child, I would probably have rage-quitted it after 5 minutes playing it now. But I play it from time to time, trying to see through the disappointments. Even though I have bitter remarks for the game, I give it 2 stars, because I feel that maybe it is just me who is turning into a grumpy old man. The game is built around a really nice concept. It was a fun game back then, it sure was. Maybe I should give it one more chance... AAARGH! MY EYES!!
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Post Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:37 am
Recently I played this game on a LED TV in my Everdrive.

I had to say something positive about the soundtrack: it is really amazing, even when I couldn't play I kept hearing the levels tunes many times =)

But I concur, after reaching level two, that it's no good for the eyes!

It's slow yeah, but I like the game concept. The soundtrack makes me accept its deficiencies.
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Post Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:39 am
Love this game, one of my favorite on the system. When I got around to playing the mega drive version I was really disappointed. I prefer the slow pace, more strategic feel of this version.

Music is top notch too. Especially like round 2 music.

This game could have evolved in to something very interesting through sequals, instead it is a foot note in Sega's history like many of Sega's great games.
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