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Palette of the real SC-3000
Post Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:55 pm
the NTSC sc-3000 uses a real TMS chip. I expected the palette to be similar to
I also tried to compute the colors myself from this datasheet table
and I obtained the palette I attach. The palette pretty much coincides with Drushel's one.

However, color 9 seem much more orange on the hardware than it is in the aforementioned palettes. I tried on three different monitors, and all gave a similar results.

To test the palette on the hardware I wrote the rom I attach.
Controller commands are as follows
hold right/left = change background color
hold up/down = change foreground color
hold 1st button = cycle pattern of the top part of the screen
hold 2nd button = cycle pattern of the bottom part of the screen

Is it my particular unit or is it something common? could someone confirm with his hardware?

Looking at the schematic

I wonder why there's R10, I would have expected a normal emitter follower configuration,that is the collector tied to VCC. I also do not understand the role of C29...
palette.png (4.02 KB)
es5LS.png (99.39 KB)
SC3vdp.png (7.83 KB)
SC3vdp.png (2.77 KB)
rom used for the test

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Post Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:45 am
This is what I get on my PAL SC-3000 with S-video mod. I am pleased with that orange color myself.
I cannot run any test ROMs for the time being, this photo is from much earlier time.
TMScolors.jpg (344.67 KB)
PAL SC-3000 with S-video mod

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