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Golden Axe (Master System)
Post Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:56 pm
This topic contains reviews of Golden Axe.
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Über classic SEGA arcade port!
Post Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:29 pm
Golden Axe. This has been, and will probably always be, the one word (two words actually) I think of next, when someone nearby shouts "SEGA". As a role-playing enthusiast, I was completely sold to this brutal narrative from the land of Yuria - back in the 90's. I played it on the arcade. Well, mostly I watched it on attract mode, because I did not really have any money back then.

And one day I realized that they had actually ported it to my console!! It was, needless to say, a must-have. ... some months went by, and I finally got it!

I remember scanning the manual like crazy on the way home in a commuter bus. Where is the girl? And the dwarf? Hmmm...

OK, the SMS port is not two player like the arcade, and you are limited (?) to Ax Battler, or Tarik as he is called now. If we just accept these facts for a moment, then the rest of the game is a surprisingly accurate port of the arcade. The moves, the enemies, the backgrounds, the cutscenes... everything is in there! I have played it for hours and hours... And still do to this day.

I bet there are people out there that will criticize Golden Axe for sporting chuppy movement, due to the fact that the characters moving around are not sprites, but instead tiles drawn into the background at every frame. To be honest, I did not even notice back then. I just thought that it was unbelieveable how my console could handle this graphics extravaganza! I still think the programmers made the right choice - to go with background updating (also found in Altered Beast and Street Fighter II, among others) instead of sprites.

If you have yet to discover what the Turtle Village is, or how it feels to ride on the back of a giant eagle, while fighting skeletons coming from everywhere, you are in for a treat! I'll go and do it right now. See you at Death Adder's castle!
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Post Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:26 pm
Nice game, good conversion from arcade, nice graphic, this is one of my favorites
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