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View topic - Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble / Sonic & Tails 2 (ソニック&テイルス2) (Game Gear)

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Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble / Sonic & Tails 2 (ソニック&テイルス2) (Game Gear)
Post Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:59 am
This topic contains reviews of Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble / Sonic & Tails 2 (ソニック&テイルス2).
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:29 am
Sonic Triple Trouble is one of my favourite games of all the times, everything is just perfect about it.

Being a Game Gear exclusive, its art is very colorful. The levels portray a wide range of tropes including some unusual ones. The train in Sunset Park Zone 3 will always have a special place in my heart.

And the music, oh boy, the music! Aside from the aforementioned SPZ3, which is amongst the best songs in any Sonic game, Yayoi Wachi did a terrific job in general, I used to spend hours in the Sound Test screen when I was a kid (I was 10 years old, now I'm 30, I feel so old, yet I still remember the day when I bought Sonic Triple Trouble as if it was yesterday). I would even put some small speakers in the headphones plug to hear those songs better, and I actually connected my Game Gear to the Hi-Fi equipment in my living room to record the best songs on an audiocassette to listen to them in my walkman. Whee, more ways to feel old.

The difficulty level is a bit on the easy side, I almost completed it on my very first playthrough, but I couldn't finish it because dinner was ready and as a 10 years old kid I couldn't say no to my mom, so I had to shut it down. I could beat it on the very next day, without one emerald, though. Yes, the last Special Stage is the real difficulty spike of this game, with only one precise path to be followed if you don't want to fall to a certain death, it took me some time to realise it. I could eventually beat it with all the emeralds in all my further attempts.

There's a nice number of unusual items and powerups, such as Sonic's snowboard (now overused in next-gen games, but a novelty back then, since aside from the 16-bit version of Ice Cap Zone it wasn't used anywhere else). That, and you have a selection of four villains in case one didn't seem enough (yes, "triple" is misleading, since there's also Metal Sonic in Atomic Destroyer Zone). Too bad that Nack the Weasel got a stupid name in certain parts of the world. Oh, and yes, on the other hand it's interesting to see "Robotnik Winter Zone" in Japan (on the other other hand, we got "Eggman" signs in Wing Fortress Zone even outside Japan, so we shouldn't complain about Ivo Robotnik's multiple names, I guess).

One last special mention: the 3D Special Stage. Too bad there are only two of them, it's a fantastic concept and I didn't even think it was possible on a somehow limited system such as a Game Gear, yet it was executed perfectly.

All in all this game is awesome. Well, except Tidal Plant Zone, but that doesn't count because it's a water level, and it's rare to find a good water level in ANY Sonic game (well, maybe Hydrocity Zone, but I'm digressing).

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