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Hang On (ハングオン) (Master System)
Post Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:08 am
This topic contains reviews of Hang On (ハングオン).
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Post Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:47 am
Hang On was my first game - it was built in.

Great graphics! I had my C64 friend over on my SMS's first day, and we were both blown away. I mean the C64 has some truly great games, but as we played Hang On, we realized that the bar had been raised for what to expect from computer games, at least in terms of graphics.

Hang On calmed my parents, who were somewhat skeptical about computer gaming. Well, what is not to like about a rather peaceful motorcycle race game? Little did they know about the flood of 8-bit violence further down the road... :) In that sense Hang On served well as a first game.

It plays well, but knowing how the arcade version is sometimes equipped with a 'real' motorcycle to ride, the SMS home version suffers from the limited control pad interface. (In my dreams:) Someday I will scrap a motorcycle, strap on a monitor and a console, and have tilt-sensors in an Arduino circuit, and then have my custom SMS Hang On arcade setup. I wish the house had a basement for all this crap/fun :)

I think SEGA could have done better in terms of variation during the course of the game. The background changes with the level. OK, fine. But I think one could expect variations in also the opponents, track, obstacles, etc. I guess I miss some sort of narrative or real progression with cutscenes, maybe even upgrades to buy/choose along the way. It gets too repetitive in the long run.

It could have been super cool with a head-to-head split screen.

I give Hang On an average rating - it might also be simply because I don't care that much for this kind of racing game. I'm more like a sidescrolling-beat-em-up kind of guy.
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Post Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 12:32 am
I dont mind a bit of Hang On even these days, ill only play it for about 30 minutes, but it is a great fun game. Its just too repetitive to play for much longer!
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Post Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:28 am
I really enjoy Super Hang-On on the Mega Drive, so I was expecting good things from this game, and it delivered, mostly.

I was suprised to find that this game actually feels smoother than its Mega Drive sequel, somehow, which I was fairly impressed by. The bike handles pretty well, though when using an original Master System Control Pad it is too easy to accidentally shift gears. I didn't have that problem on the Mega Drive control pad, though.

The gameplay is pretty fun, but I think it's too easy. I've always sucked at Super Hang-On, but this version didn't provide much challenge. I beat all 8 courses in one go after a couple of attempts.

The one thing I think is really missing in this game is some background music. I know that any music in this game wouldn't be able to live up to Super Hang-On's music (in my opinion some of the best on the Mega Drive), but having some would help to make the ride feel a bit less tedious by the later courses.

This review has actually been a bit negative, but that's kind of because there's not much to say about the game. I still enjoyed it, and if I was a kid in 1987 I'm sure I'd have been thrilled to not only have this game, but have it built in to the system!
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