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View topic - SC-3000 Survivors Multicart Project for Tape and Cart games

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SC-3000 Survivors Multicart Project for Tape and Cart games
Post Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:41 pm
2012 is shaping well in term of upcoming awesomeness:
For the past year homebrew hacker Nick / Honestbob has been working on a custom design for a SC-3000 Survivors Multicart Project. It is shaping extraordinarily and is in particular a lots of efforts are put into creating high-quality software to manage the multicart.

Using custom hacked BASIC software the multicart is able to load tape software directly into memory and Nick has come up with a selection of games that he converted into this system. The whole thing is versatile, comes up with a bunch of homebrew and tapes games, and of course you can upgrade it to add your own SG-1000 ROM images.

Have a look at work in progress videos and Nick's descriptive website and blog about the making of this cartridge.
Moreover Nick is looking for pre-orders to commit into manufacturing a limited amount of those cartridges. It may not last and may not be manufactured again, so if you are any interesting in SG-1000/SC-3000 gaming this is a unique opportunity. (pre-order now before it is too late!)

Also check out the SMS Power! thread about it:

Thanks for Nick for his work :)

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