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[VGM Pack] Ys (FM)
Post Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:42 pm
Oh man, another FM rip, eh?

Ys (or Y's: The Vanished Omen in US/Europe) is a Action RPG made by Falcom (or Nihon Falcom sometimes), and was reprogramed by the 2nd powerful game company called Sega (you may know who is the 1st company...).

Ys in terms of music, is much like a FM version of Phantasy Star, but Ys is more horrible. If you convert the VGMs with vgm2mid (that supports YM2413, of course :-p), some musics like Track 7 on VGM Pack, is out of rythm most of the times.

Have Fun!
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