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Rare, Strange, Prototype items: Index of threads
Post Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:42 pm
Note: This list is not exhaustive. If you find other interesting threads please mention them! You may also use the Tagging system of our game database, e.g.

( Some old threads where people didn't use the attachment systems have images gones. If you have a copy of the images please attach them. )

Air Rescue variation/proto (missing some images)

Alex Kidd board game

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Alex Kido) for Game Gear

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World unused tiles with Mari-oh

Altered Beast in Arabic

Asian Sega Master System II

Asterix French promo display sign

Asterix in Egypt - beta

Black Label SG-1000

Bomber Raid title screen extra art - "Battle Wings"?

Car License (Car License) for Game Gear (Not for sale)

Cheester Cheetah for Game Gear (Unreleased localization of The Berlin Wall)

Choplifter Japanese prototype (Mark III)

Color & Switch Test (SMS Pad Checker Cartridge)

Control Pad SJ-15 with wire coming from the side

Dead Angle CES '89 advertisement (missing some images)

Early Ariolasoft / Sega booklet

Early SMS boxes with "SM" mark

Unreleased EP-MyCards (Mark III)

Excellent Dizzy Game Gear prototype cart

F-16 Fighting Falcon, Monopoly, Rampart development

Foot acceleration pedal?

French Game Gear Store Cabinet (Virgin)

Game Gear Batteries

Game Gear Flight case for launch (missing some images)

Game Gear Green Prototype

Game Gear Hand / Promotional Item

Game Gear Japanese display/sample cartridges (Sonic Drift, Sonic ^ Tails etc.)

Game Gear Japanese shop display/promo items

Game Gear "Pasta with meatballs" promotion kit

Game Gear unlicensed/pirate/bootleg cartridge picture/info thread

Game Gear unlicensed Tetris

Game Gear Watch (Clock)

Game Gear prototype packaging

Game Gear prototype/sample cartridges photos

Global Golf for Game Gear (was: Ernie Els Golf)

Great Ice Hockey for Mark III

Gunstar Heroes, Primal Rage, Thundercats for SMS (fakes!)

Hang On & F-16 Fighter Red Box Cards

Hiroshi Kawaguchi pictures from Sega 2019 office move

Konami Hyper Shot Controller

Korean Gam*Boy 3-D Glasses

Korean Aladdin Boy Adverts

Korean SMS Drawing Board?

Korean Master System Bootleg? Arcade Jamma Board

Korean Master System history, Gam*Boy, Aladdin Boy

Korean Modem / Financial Thing / Attachment

Korean Game Gear

Korean Games List

Korean Games Threads

Korean Mark III

Korean Oacs Mark III / Korean Samsung Master System

Krisalis Software - SMS/GG Dev Box

Head Buster beta pics (and old GG release list)

Heaps of samples & prototypes

Link Word SC-3000, Compulink Electronic Salesman 1.1

LJN catalog mockup of SMS "Thundercats" and "Entertech"

Lucky Dime Caper Prototype

New BenQ EG10 MP3+video+SMS/GG player (2006)

New British Airways SMS-GG based handheld (2007)

New Coleco-branded handheld with 20 Sega 8-bit games built in! (2006)

New Tec Toy Master System 3 Collection 112 (2005)

New Tec Toy Master System 3 Collection 120 (2006)

New 131 games built-in SMS from Tec Toy (2007)

New "redesigned" 131-in-1 Sega Master System console from TecToy (2008)

New Tec Toy DVD Player + Karaoke + 100 Built-in SMS Games

Master System 4-in-1 pirate cartridges

Master System II games prototype packaging (Pat Riley Basketball)

Master System Mah-Jong / Mak-Jong variations

Monster Champ prototype version of Ghost House

Opa Opa goodies

Othello Multivision Prototype

Painted/colored Mark III cartridges?

Pioneer TV video game pack SD-G5

Possible Promo Box Art - Time Soldiers, Walter Payton Football

Rare Red Japanese SC-3000H

Salio Calculator present in Solomon's Keys and Rygar manuals

SG-1000 N-Sub John Sands shipping box

SG-1000 MyCard Presskit with dummy MyCard & early Card Adaptor picture

SC-3000 Blank Cartridges (for Development/Prototype ?)

SC-3000 Library Cartridges

SC-3000 Australian/New Zealand Rental Cartridges

Sega AI Computer & Software

Sega Amplifier SKA-3000 (OT)

Sega Digitizer System / Game Development in 1986 NHK TV program

Sega Game Box 9 / Sega Mark III Display Unit / Sega GB-9

Sega Mark III dev/test board

Sega Mark III factory shipping boxes

Sega Mark III Soft Desk 10

Sega Mark III Telecon Pack

Sega Master System Disk System / Floppy Disk Drive / FDD

Sega MyCards Japanese proto/samples + samples cartridges

Sega '87 Summer Catalog (Japan)

Sega Light Phaser black box variation

Sega Light Phaser shipping box

Sega of America Game Archive

Sega Shooting Zone arcade board

SG-1000 / SC-3000 variations

SG-1000 / SC-3000 Prototype/Sample Cartridges

SG-1000 II Coca Cola (Promotion Item?)

SG-1000 II CGC Home Terebi Game Asobi no Tensai (rebranded? promotion item?)

SG-1000 Game Cassette Eleki Magnets

SG-1000 Monaco GP early artwork

SMS Display Unit

SMS Display Unit - Disabling timer of a SMS Display Unit / Kiosk

SMS European Demo Unit II

SMS Sample/Prototype Cartridges

SMS Prototype Console M404

SMS Prototype Console v1.0

Smurfs Travel the World : Prototype

Soviet/Russian Master System with no card slot (1990)

Rare SC-3000 tapes: Assembleur Symbolique (France), Matematica 1 (Italia)

R-Type Prototype Board

Taisen-gata Daisenryaku G (Game Gear) notepad

Taiwan / China SG-1000 and Master System games

Taiwan AARONIX SG-1000 II Clone in Different Box Art + Games Listing

Taiwan Game Gear book for Shining Force Gaiden & Madoh Monogatari III

Taiwan Aaronix Mark III

TecToy Game Gear Releases

TecToy Cartucho Ponto De Venda / Promocao Especial M.System III Compact cartridge

TecToy SMS hardware

Teddy Boy Blues EP-MyCard cartridge

Terebi Oekaki western prototype

Unreleased Sega Graphic Board v2.0

Unreleased/Rumoured SMS Games

Unreleased/Rumoured Game Gear Games

Unreleased Game Gear games

Unreleased Game Gear game: Akira

Unreleased Game Gear game: Bubsy II

Unreleased Game Gear game: Dr Franken demo

Unreleased Game Gear game: Frogger

Unreleased Game Gear game: Labyrinth Stone

Unreleased Game Gear game: Off The Wall

Unreleased Game Gear game: WildSnake

Unreleased Game Gear game: Yôhôden Hisuimaru - Bonten no Ken

Unreleased Game Gear box art - Baby Boom

Unreleased Game Gear box art - We're back and Beethoven

Unreleased SG/SMS/GG unreleased game list / discussion (Japan)

Unreleased SG-1000 games: city quizz cartridges (Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London)

Unreleased SG-1000 game: Up'n Down?

Unreleased SG-1000/OMV game: Great Escape 2 & Challenge Soccer for Othello Multivision

Unreleased SG-1000 Game: Champion Ski

Unreleased SG-1000 Game: Test Cartridge

Unreleased SMS game (Mark III, MyCard): Buggy Dash / Fighting Buggy

Unreleased SMS game: Dinobasher

Unreleased SMS game: Game de check! Koutsuu Anzen (ゲームでチェック!交通安全)

Unreleased SMS game: The Godfather

Unreleased SMS game: Lemmings 2

Unreleased SMS game: NBA JAM

Unreleased SMS game: Robin Hood (wrong screenshots)

Unreleased SMS game: Sonic Edusoft

Unreleased SMS game: Wallball 3D (Wall Ball 3D)

Unreleased SMS game: Road Rash 2

Unused Sega Mark III product numbers

Virgin games prototypes & internal dev feedback letter

Wonderboy in Monster World Prototype/Beta

Zillion Guns/Toys

Note: This list is not exhaustive. If you find other interesting threads please mention them! You may also use the Tagging system of our game database, e.g.
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