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Death Adder
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VGM archive up at Zophar's Domain
Post Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2001 12:31 pm


Death Adder of ZD here. As of today, we feature
a VGM music archive. In accordance with the note
I sent to Mr. Cornut as well as to Maxim - I have
given proper credit to both parties. Our new VGM
archive has been established to bring more positive
attention to the new format, as well as to rake in
more quality submissions.

I advise those who rip, comment, and categorize
VGM soundtracks to submit their finished products
to both SMS Power and Zophar's Domain, for inclusion
into both archives. This will ensure that no one
misses out on any single soundtrack.

I wrote Mr. Cornut and Maxim, letting them know that
I will send any VGM soundtrack submission sent to ZD
over to SMS Power, so they do not miss out on it.

This sums up the news I have for now. Thank-you for
reading it.

- Death Adder
Webmaster, SuperFighter.Com

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