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Whodunit (People Edition): Paul Hutchinson
Post Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:19 pm
In case you happened to think those late-market Brazilian Game Gear-to-Master System conversions were hacks done by Brazilians (in Brazil, no less!), you're wrong - at least in the case of X-Men: Mojo World.

Here's what programmer Paul Hutchinson had to say:

GDRI: I'm surprised to hear that a Brazilian Game Gear-to-Master System conversion was done by someone who worked on the original game and not by people in Brazil. What did the conversion work on X-Men: Mojo World entail?

PH: Basically reworking the display code, as I recall. The SMS does not have as good a graphic processor as the GG. There was more sprite flicker. It didn't llook as good.

Mr. Hutchinson also worked on the other GG X-Men games, SMS/GG Spider-Man, and GG Chakan.

Read the rest of my "interview" with him:
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