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We sincerely thank you for purchasing the Sega Gold Cartridge "Phantasy Star". Please understand that, due to the nature of the game, questions about how to proceed through the game cannot be answered all at once.


Progressing through the game
Starting a new game
Commands for exploring
Battle Commands
Geography of the Planets of Algol
Towns and Villages
Weapons and Armor


This is the world of Phantasy Star!

Algol has three planets: Palma, the first planet; Motavia, the second planet; and Dezoris, the third planet. To start, we'll show you parts of Palma and Motavia. As you progress through the game, you'll see the parts not shown on the maps, as well as the planet Dezoris.

Map of Palma
Map of Motavia


Alisa's peaceful livelihood is snatched away!

Palman street It is the year AW342. Palma, the first planet of the Algol star system, has reached the peak of its prosperity under its king, LaShiec. The other planets of Algol are being pioneered by colonists, and plans for resource harvesting and farming facilities are progressing favorably. Around the clock, interplanetary shuttles travel between the spaceports on Palma and Motavia, Algol's second planet, and it has been decided that construction of a spaceport on Dezoris, the third planet, will begin within years. However, in spring of this year, ghastly rumors began to spread. It seemed that the nobles of the ruling class had become possessed with heathenism, and that LaShiec, who had been possessed the strongest, had traded away Algol in exchange for eternal life.

The rumors have turned out to be true. Grotesque creatures have staggered their way to every corner of every planet of Algol, threatening the livelihood of its people. Something dreadful is about to unfold�

Alisa comes to Nero "Nero?! What happened?!"

The girl's scream shredded the surrounding air.

The girl's name is Alisa. She has grown up here in Camineet, the residential district of Palma's capital city. This year she turns 15 years old. Nero, her older brother, is 18 years old, and works as a baggage handler at Paseo spaceport. Alisa and Nero's parents died young, and the two siblings came to survive by relying on each other.

The robot police shoved Nero to the ground. Nero looked as though he were a piece of tattered cloth. Sneering at Alisa, the robot police coldly declared,

Alisa cries "This is what you get for poking around in LaShiec's affairs! Maybe now you'll behave yourself - if you want to stay in one piece!"

Alisa and her dying brother were left behind on the cold concrete. When Alisa grasped Nero's hand, he opened his eyes slightly, and looked hard at her.

"Alisa, listen to me. LaShiec has invited disaster upon Algol, and now our world is facing ruin. I was trying to find out what LaShiec is planning, but I couldn't find out much by working on my own."

Tears formed in Nero's eyes. It was the first time Alisa had seen her brother cry.

"While I was gathering information on LaShiec, I heard about a powerful man called Tylon. If you join forces with him, maybe the two of you can rescue Algol...

"Alisa� I can't stand the pain any longer� Forgive me� I accomplished nothing, and now I have to die and leave you all alone�"

"Nero! Nero!!"

Alisa decides to seek revenge Alisa began to scream. But Nero's eyes never opened again.

Before long, the area became covered in twilight. Alisa's eyes, though covered in dried tears, had become full of powerful authority. Alisa took Nero's short sword, which he carried on his hip, and held it to her chest, swearing,

"Nero, I will carry on your will. I will overthrow LaShiec and restore harmony to Algol."

And so begins Alisa's epic crusade.

Progressing through the game

Cooperate with the companions you meet during your journey

Alisa Lutz
Alisa Lutz
Heroine of the game. Leaves on a quest to overthrow her enemy LaShiec after her brother is murdered. An Esper who lives on the planet Motavia, and carries within himself tremendous magical powers.
Myau Tylon
Myau Tylon
An unusual animal that can speak human language. Alisa's first companion. A warrior, and Alisa's second companion. He has already left on a mission to overthrow LaShiec.

Starting a new game

Embark on your journey at last!

Title screen When you press the Start button, a screen will appear such as the one to the right. Using the directional pad, choose the way in which you want to start a game, then press the Start button. Choose this if you want to start a new game from scratch. Look, it's the world of Phantasy Star... In this game, you can save your current progress. If you save your game before you turn off the power, the next time you play, you can continue from where you left off.

When you choose CONTINUE, a window will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. The window contains numbers and names entered when saving games. Use the cursor (▷) to choose a number, and then begin the game from that point.

Saving a game

You can save the game at any time while Alisa and her companions are exploring. Press button 1 or 2 to display the Command Window in the upper-left corner of the screen. Move the cursor (▷) to "Save" and press button 2. A window containing the numbers 1-5 will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. Use the cursor to choose a number, then press button 2.

Entering your name (should say Ossale)

Name Entry Screen (5 characters maximum)

To select a character, move the cursor next to it. To enter a character, press button 2. If you make a mistake, choose "Back", then select the correct letter with the cursor, and then enter it by pressing button 2. When you're finished, select "Done".


Start by fully mastering the basics.

Controller You can begin a game by pressing the Start button.

Directional pad:

Makes Alisa and her companions move up, down, left or right on the screen. When entering commands, use it to move the cursor (▷) up or down in the Command Window.

Button 1:

Use this when you want to cancel command input.

Button 2:

Use this to confirm and execute commands. Press this button after you have chosen a command using the directional pad.

Also, when an article of text is too long to be displayed on the screen all at once, press this button to scroll down a few lines.

Using other joysticks

Other joysticks Dungeon view

In the 3D dungeon labyrinths

In the game, caves, the insides of towers, and underground passageways appear as 3D dungeon mazes, such as the one to the right. Advance through them using the directional pad as explained below.

Dungeon controls
Treasure chest

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests may be found inside 3D labyrinths. Also, they appear when you have defeated a monster. Choose whether to try and open it or not. If you're lucky, you'll find money inside. If an arrow flies out, one member of your group will take damage. If a treasure chest explodes, every member of your group will get hurt.

Commands for exploring

Gather useful information in the towns

The tale begins in Camineet, Alisa's home town. Take a stroll around town, familiarize yourself with the world of Alisa and her companions, and learn how to input commands in the Command Window.

Example dialogue

Talking to people

Inside the cities, you'll find people here and there. When you want to talk to one of them, move close to them. When the screen changes, you can talk to them.

Command window

Command Window

If you press button 1 or 2 when you're exploring, a Command Window will appear such as the one to the right. Execute a command by selecting it with the directional pad, and then pressing button 2. (You can cancel by pressing button 1.)
  1. Stats
    Stats menu Allows you to examine the strength of Alisa and her companions. When there are two or more people in your group, you'll need to specify whose strength to examine.
    1. Specify whose strength to examine
    2. That person's equipment. Weapon, armor, and shield are displayed in top-to-bottom order. If one of them is not equipped, its space will be blank.
    3. Indicates the extent of that person's growth.

      Level: when a person's level increases, their attack power, defensive power, max HP and max MP will increase, and they will grow stronger than before. For Alisa, Myau and Lutz, the amount of magic spells they can use will also increase.

      EXP: Experience points. Acquired by defeating monsters. As Alisa and her companions gain experience, they will grow, and they can increase their levels.

      Attack: Represents the amount of damage delivered to an enemy in one hit. You can raise this value by equipping a weapon.

      Defense: As this value increases, you will be able to dodge enemy strikes, and even if you are struck by an enemy, you will only receive shallow wounds. You can raise this value by equipping armor or a shield.

      Max HP: Life force. As your levels increase, you will be able to withstand much more damage than before.

      Max MP: As your levels increase, you will be able to use magic much more often.

      MST: Meseta, the Algolian currency. Shows the total amount of money carried by the entire party.

  2. Magic
    Magic menu Alisa, Myau and Lutz can use magic called "Psychic Power". Choose whose and which magic spell to use. If it is a healing spell, choose who to use it on.

  3. Items
    Items menu Displays the items that Alisa and her group are carrying. They can hold up to 24 items, so to see items not shown on the screen, choose "Next".

    If you choose a vehicle, Alisa and her group will automatically board or get off the vehicle. If you choose a different type of item, you'll need to decide what to do with it.

    Use: Choose this when you want to use an item.

    Equip: Choose this to equip a weapon, armor or a shield. You can choose who to equip with it, but use caution, because that person might not be able to equip that particular item.

    Drop: Choose this when you want to discard an item.

  4. Search
    Investigate the area directly in front of Alisa and her group.
  5. Save
    Save your current progress (see page 13).

Battle Commands

Fight monsters, level up!

Battle screen Once you have gathered information from around the town, you should try exploring outside the town. Outside the town, there are many dreadful monsters, but fighting those monsters will no doubt make Alisa and her companions more powerful. When you encounter a monster, the screen will automatically change to one similar to the one on the right.
  1. The active character. If you have companions, you will need to decide for each of them one by one.
  2. Battle commands. Decide on a command once you have thought well about who should do what.
  3. The name of the monster(s) that Alisa and her group are now encountering.
  4. Shows monster count and life force. In this case, indicates 3 monsters, each with a life force (HP) of 11.
  5. Shows the current status of Alisa and her companions. When a person's life force reaches 0, they will die. Also, a person can use magic as long as they have MP.

Explanation of commands

  1. Attack
    Strike a monster using the currently equipped weapon.
  2. Magic
    Alisa, Myau and Lutz can use magic. If you select this, a list will be displayed, so choose who will use which spell. If it is a healing spell, specify who to use the spell on. However, be warned that the list is restricted to battle spells.
  3. Items
    If you choose this, a list will be displayed that looks just like the one that appears during exploration.
  4. Speak
    Some monsters can communicate with Alisa and her companions. If you communicate with monsters, they might teach you information that only monsters know.
  5. Run
    If you choose this command, the entire party will try to run away from the battle. However, monsters can block their escape route, so the party might not always be able to escape.
Once you have chosen commands for the entire group, the battle will begin at last. If you eliminate all monsters, or manage to escape, the battle will be over. If not, you will return to inputting commands.


Geography of the Planets of Algol

Get a feel for the characteristics of each planet

Now then, let's take a look inside the world in which Alisa and her companions live.

The Algol star system

Palma (the first planet)

A beautiful planet with abundant greenery, just like our own Earth. Civilization developed here in ancient times, and has now even expanded to settlements on Motavia and Dezoris.
Palman Terrain Field Shrubs Forest Shore Ocean Lava Mountain Rock Wall
Field Shrubs Forest Shore Ocean Lava Mountain Rock Wall
O = can pass
X = can't pass

Motavia (the second planet)

Motavia is a developing planet with a newly-opened spaceport. It slowly revolves around the sun, cutting across the orbit of the planet Palma. Of the three planets, it is presently the closest to the sun, and its surface is dry and deserted.
Motavian Terrain Desert Oasis Mountain Ant Lion Lake Poison Gas
Desert Oasis Mountain Ant Lion Lake Poison Gas
On foot OOXXX?
In vehicleOOXOO?

Dezoris (the third planet)

Dezoris is the farthest planet from the sun, and is locked in ice. Its development has been delayed for this reason. Once every 100 years, the sun becomes hidden by the planet Palma, causing a solar eclipse. At that time, the planet loses what little light it has, becoming completely dark. It is said that, because the eclipse lasts for ten days, the people light sacred flames and wait for the eclipse to end.
Dezorian Terrain Ice field Iceberg Forest
Ice field Iceberg Forest
On foot OXO
In vehicleO?O

Towns and Villages

Go shopping, get medical treatment�

Towns and villages The planets of Algol don't just have forests and deserts, but also towns and villages filled with people. Here are the various places to explore, starting with the dwellings of Algol's inhabitants.
  1. Dwellings
    Town dwelling Village dwelling
    Not only can villagers and townspeople be found outside, but also inside their homes. Don't be afraid to pay them a visit. They might teach you some useful things.

  2. Hospitals
    Town hospital Village hospital
    When your HP or MP get low from battling monsters, you can seek medical attention at a hospital. If you have companions in your group, choose who you want to have treated. The doctor's fee depends on the amount of HP or MP restored.

  3. Churches
    Town church Village church
    Visit a church when you want to revive a fallen companion, or find out how many experience points you need to go up a level.

  4. Shops
    Town shop Village shop
    There are three types of shops: Armor shops, which sell weapons and armor; Drug stores, which sell medicines; and Tool shops, which sell various items.

    When you enter a shop, choose the items you want to buy after you see the price list. If you don't want to buy anything, press button 1. Also, in Tool shops, you can sell items you no longer want.

  5. Exits Exit
    Pass through one of these to leave a town or village.

  6. Moving Roads Moving Road
    You'll need a Roadpass to pass through one of these. Guards are stationed at the entrances, and will request that you present one.

  7. Underground Passageways Underground passageway
    In addition to the outdoors, underground passageways can be found in the cities.

  8. Spaceports Spaceport
    There are spaceports on Palma and Motavia. If you have a Passport, you can travel back and forth on one of their shuttles.

Dungeon Tower
There are also many dungeons and towers outside the towns, where many monsters have made their homes. Try to find these on your own.


Weapons and Armor

Organize your equipment to suit each individual

Weapons and armor are useless if you simply carry them around. When you buy weapons and armor, be sure to Equip them. A character's unique qualities may affect what that character may equip. For example, Myau is an animal, so he can't equip the kinds of weapons that humans can.
  1. Weapons
    Short Sword Iron Axe Needle Gun
    Short Sword Iron Axe Needle Gun
    Alisa's initial weapon. Just about anyone can handle one. Tylon's initial weapon. More powerful than a Short Sword. Handling an axe requires great physical strength, so only a person with a physique such as Tylon's can handle it. Besides swords and axes, weapons also include guns. Only Tylon can equip a gun.
    Silver Tusk Psycho Wand
    Silver Tusk Psycho Wand
    This is one of the few weapons that Myau can equip. This is the most powerful weapon that Lutz can equip.

  2. Clothing and Armor
    Leather Clothes White Cloak Iron Armor
    Leather Clothes White Cloak Iron Armor
    Everyday Palman clothing. These probably won't hold up well in battle, though. People with supernatural powers have extraordinary abilities, and therefore wear cloaks such as this to distinguish themselves from ordinary people. Armor made from iron is extremely heavy, so Alisa can't wear it. This is the armor that Tylon is wearing when you first meet him.

  3. Shields
    Leather Shield Iron Shield Laser Barrier
    Leather Shield Iron Shield Laser Barrier
    A shield made of leather is relatively light, so even Alisa can carry one. A shield made of iron is more durable than a Leather Shield, but also heavy, so Alisa can't carry one. State-of-the-art protection. Very simple to operate, despite being very high-tech, so just about anyone can use one.
Many other weapons and defensive items exist besides the ones mentioned here. Most of them are sold at shops, but many are also hidden in caves and other locations.


PelorieMate Ruoginin Escape Cloth Magic Hat Transfer Carpet
PelorieMate Ruoginin Escape Cloth Magic Hat Transfer Carpet
Sold at pharmacies. Use these to restore HP. Makes the group invisible, allowing them to escape from even the most persistent of enemies. Makes it possible to communicate with animals and aliens. Churches used mysterious powers to create these for their believers, and they conceal powers unmatched by science. When you use one, you can return to the last church you visited.

There are many other items to be found. Hints to their locations may be found in conversations you have with the inhabitants of Algol.


Be sure to master all of these!

Lutz performs Fire magic As Alisa, Myau and Lutz gain levels, they will also come to learn more and more magic spells. Magic spells consume MP each time they are used, so if you run out of MP, you won't be able to use them. Also, some spells, can be used when exploring, while others can be used during battle. You will most definitely need to master effective use of magic spells in order to succeed in your quest.
  1. Heal (can be used by Alisa)
    Heals injuries and restores (some) HP.

  2. Super Heal (Myau, Lutz)
    A more powerful form of Heal.

  3. Waller (Myau)
    For use in battle. Creates an invisible wall that protects your party.

  4. Lutz performs Thunder magic Magic Waller (Lutz)
    For use in battle. Creates an invisible wall that blocks physical attacks and magic spells cast by monsters.

  5. Fire (Alisa, Lutz)
    Offensive magic. Attack using flames.

  6. Wind (Lutz)
    Offensive magic. Conjures a hurricane.

  7. Thunder (Lutz)
    Offensive magic. Uses electric shocks to inflict damage upon all monsters.

  8. Bind (Alisa)
    Offensive magic. Causes paralysis in monsters, ceasing their movement. Affects a single monster per cast.

  9. Quick Dash (Alisa)
    Using this magic makes your escapes become quicker.

  10. Power Boost (Myau)
    Temporarily boosts the attack power of one of the members of your party.

  11. Myau performs Terror Terror (Myau)
    Causes fear in a single monster, lowering its attack power. Beware, however, as this spell is ineffective against monsters whose level is higher than your own.

  12. Untrap (Myau)
    For use during exploration. Detects and removes pitfalls and traps on treasure chests.

  13. Bypass (Myau, Lutz)
    For use during exploration. Causes the body to become light, allowing immediate escape from dungeons.

  14. Lutz performs Telepathy Troop (Alisa)
    For use during exploration. Allows you to return to the last church you visited.

  15. Magic Unseal (Lutz)
    Allows you to open magically-sealed doors.

  16. Rebirth (Lutz)
    Allows you to call back the soul of a fallen companion.

  17. Transrate (Alisa)
    Enables you to understand the languages of aliens and certain types of monsters.

  18. Telepathy (Lutz)
    Allows you to converse with certain types of monsters.


There are many more than this!

Herex Killer Plant Bat Man
Herex Killer Plant Bat Man
If you're unprepared, these will attack you by spitting flames. Once fed only on insects and small animals, but nowadays they're not so picky... Created by LaShiec, these are humans modified to live both on land and in the air.
Shark King Motavian Peasant Dezorian
Shark King Motavian Peasant Dezorian
Created by LaShiec, these modified humans can live both on land and in the water. They drag their victims into the ocean. Native people of Motavia. They live desperately in a world of sand. Native people of Dezoris. They have a cat-and-dog relationship with the Motavians.
Robot Police Dark Marauder King Saber
Robot Police Dark Marauder King Saber
Quite simply machines. Familiar spirits of "chaos". They came from another world, and are now allied with LaShiec. An elite organization, these are LaShiec's calm and clever bodyguards.

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